Published:  08:36 PM, 16 January 2022

Thousands of young entrepreneurs grow with Selina Manir

Thousands of young entrepreneurs grow with Selina Manir

Today we will know about such a brilliant woman entrepreneur who has reached the top position in the makeup industry as a Bangladeshi woman. She has 10 long years of experience and countless clients; immensely famous to everyone in the country and all over the world.  

She is none other than Selina Manir, who is a celebrity hair and makeup artist.   

Selina studied in Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh and acquired a degree in Pharmacy. Being impatient and courageous about the beauty industry and having existing knowledge regarding makeup and hair she started her journey. She achieved 3 diploma degrees on hair and makeup. Selina Manir is a renowned hair and makeup artist in both Bangladesh and London.   

Selina Manir always says that she wants to be such a person who can help other women feel beautiful as well as present themselves beautifully. She likes to meet new people and learn new things.   

A big one among many achievements of Selina Manir in her career is to work with Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez.   

Selina Manir is an exclusive example for young women. There are a lot of video tutorials of her where anyone can get basic concepts of makeup. Besides, she arranges many workshops so that Bangladeshi makeup enthusiasts can learn makeup very easily and establish them afterwards.  

Selina Manir has prepared many makeup artists and she is still continuing to do so.   

Those who want to learn about hair and  makeup, Selina has arranged some courses for them. These courses are scheduled as 3 days and 5 days workshop : First 3 days for makeup technique, fourth day for hair and on the final day, students participate in photoshoots for makeup and hair. She, in her workshop even gives ideas to the students beside makeup about how they can do their own business using their talent in future.   

Renowned and prestigious brands sponsor her workshop such as Ribana, Anzara, Uzmah and so on. Ribana and Selina Manir have been working for many days in collaboration. Ribana is a well known brand in Bangladesh.Ribana is a Bangladeshi brand which is working on organic beauty products.   

She is the first ever to introduce makeup in freelancing in Bangladesh. Learning from international makeup artist Selina Manir, numerous women have earned fame. Makeup artist Selina Manir has innumerable followers countrywide.   

Selina Manir arranges workshops online even staying in London. She not only teaches makeup but also helps people to be self-employed. More than 300 women opened parlors of their own and about 500 women have created their own identity. They are working now in various places.  

Selina Manir projects to take the makeup industry to a place where parents will eagerly tell that they want to make their daughter a makeup artist. Makeup professional Selina Manir wants to set a trend where old school makeup parlor concepts will be combined together and then those will be transformed to a new type of makeup world.

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