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Md Imam Hossain Roni is an Entrepreneur, one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs in his Country.

Md Imam Hossain Roni is an Entrepreneur, one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs in his Country.
 only 26 years old And lives in Chittagong, Bangladesh . Md Imam Hossain Roni was Born on 01 April 1996. Father's Name is Md Jashim Uddin. Mother's name is Halima Begum. When he was younger he Started Working as a Digital Marketer and content Creator and Singer, Rock Guitarist, Writer and lyricist, Moving on to Many More. Without thinking about age. Md Imam Hossain Roni is the founder and CEO of All Time Solutions. A full-service Digital Media Agency company that partners with clients to Enhance their Business results. Through this he has seen his vision come true. He Mentioned that he was very close to the goal he wanted to achieve. He is giving his best effort and time to All Time Solution. And what Matters most to her is the satisfaction of her customers, she is getting extremely positive reviews on the subject.

He is a social media influencer and web Entrepreneur, digital marketer and content creator. He has achieved a lot in the field where he was ambitious. Even at this young age, he has a strong Network and many people know him and admire him for his work. Imam is only 26 years old but has seen a lot in life and gained experience from it. He says it is important to have experience to move forward in one's life. And he says the only thing you can gain from that experience is working hard day And Night for your goals and not thinking about the consequences.

Md Imam Hossain Roni talks about being an Entrepreneur - if you don't have some knowledge about everything in your field of work, it will give you confidence while working on your new ideas.

You also need to have as much knowledge as possible outside of your field. This makes it easier to take advantage of many new opportunities. You don't have to start at the "A-A-A-B" level to work in a new sector - and it will be easier for you to Understand.

Let's give an example; Suppose you are in the textile business. Now someone told you about a Good opportunity in the chemical sector. Now if you Have some knowledge about the chemical industry - you can easily Understand this and take the opportunity. And if you get into that Business without knowing anything at all, then there is a possibility of being 'caught' in Bengali.

You may not be able to master everything, but you will know the basics of everything. It also allows you to combine new ideas into Your own work and Business - which will Help you stay ahead of others. Moreover, he added, get to know new people, talk to them. If you are standing next to someone on the street, try to talk to them, stand in the bank line and talk to the person in front. Talk about the banking system, or today's News Headlines.

Maybe not everyone will talk to you, avoid it .Let it be; Your goal is to get in the habit of talking to people on your own. Get in the habit of talking to strangers. Gradually you will see that you are Becoming proficient in talking and building Relationships.

Of course, there are times when you can't find Anything to say. In this case, notice the person well. Notice: What's in his hand? Where is he looking? If you see a special brand of phone in his hand, you want to buy it, how does it perform? - Talk about the weather. If he doesn't want to talk to you, or if he's not in the Mood - move politely. Remember you are doing this to get rid of your inertia. When to stop talking, let it be known but it is a part of communication skills.

It is very important for a person to speak sweet Language with a smile to make himself Trustworthy and desirable. Many cannot do this. If Necessary, practice Standing in front of a Mirror to achieve this Quality. Only with a Smile and sweet language can a person's mind be conquered in a few moments.

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