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Success story of young journalist and freelancer Shamim Raza

Success story of young journalist and freelancer Shamim Raza
Skills and experience for employment in this age can be acquired in education. Freelancing is a job that can be started in student life. If anyone has a computer, laptop or even a smartphone, he is sure to be accustomed to the digital world. If he wants, he can do digital marketing, which can help him build his career in the future.

In the age of online media in Bangladesh, young journalist and freelancer Shamim Reza has set a unique example by doing news editing journalism. In addition to journalism, he has achieved great success as a freelancer and young entrepreneur.

The path behind his success was not very easy. He has come a long way and reached the pinnacle of success. He had to work hard to see success.

Journalist Shamim Reza was born on August 8, 1991 in an aristocratic middle class family in Dakatiya village under Kotwali police station in Jessore district.  Shamim Reza is the youngest of the parents' two sons.

Shamim Reza started his career as a journalist from CNI News in 2006. After working as a co-editor of Sorejomin Barta, one of the national dailies of Bangladesh in 2012, he has been working as a sub-editor at ZoomBangla News, another well-known national online news portal of the country since 2014.

Since being the co-editor of the daily Sorejomin Barta, he has designed more than 100 news portals, including some of the most popular online magazines in the country, and has been a regular contributor to these online portals.

Early in his career, he did not receive any support from his family. His own talent and honesty have helped him to succeed. He is grateful to God for that.

After passing elementary school he thought; Middle class people have no dreams, they just want to live longer. At that time online platform was not very popular in rural areas of Bangladesh. As a result of his extensive work, in a very short period of time, he has established himself as a young entrepreneur by doing graphic design and web design freelancing. Currently, he is quite successful on most of the online platforms including news writing, news editing, freelancing, web design, graphics design.

Since Shamim Reza is a top seller in many marketplaces, he knows how to help clients and satisfy them by providing the best service. His knowledge, time management and hard work helped him to hold this top position. On top of that, he offers a very reasonable customized price for his client. In addition, he is involved in many social services aimed at helping the rural population. Through her own YouTube channel she discusses many valuable topics and helps viewers get a first-hand idea about freelancing and the digital world. Following his YouTube and blog, new students can mentally prepare to build their careers in the IT sector. After all, Nilay is a very successful and happy person in his personal life. Because, he has loving parents and multiple siblings who always support him to move forward. Shamim Reza is always inspired by everyone to devote himself for the good of others.

Shamim Reza, a young successful journalist and web developer, dreams of helping poor, talented boys and girls fulfill their dreams in the future. There will be at least one freelancer in every house in Bangladesh. The unemployed will no longer be cursed; Everyone will stand on their own two feet.

Journalist Shamim Reza said that no one can achieve success without his own efforts. At first no one believed that you could make money online. Although I was a student and worked online as well as studying, I am now able to fulfill my dream by working online. I think young entrepreneurs will develop talent by working online. This will be of great benefit to oneself as well as the country.

He thinks that if you work hard in life, success will come. Journalist Shamim Reza asked for prayers from everyone and said, "Pray so that I can be by the side of people all my life." He dreams of doing something bigger in the future.

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