Published:  02:05 PM, 02 April 2022

Air Conditioners - endorsing healthy breathing

Air Conditioners - endorsing healthy breathing
As summer is almost here to embrace us with all its might, the comfort of coming home to cool air after a lengthy commute feels divine. Air conditioners (AC) have not only allowed us to keep cool among the rising temperatures, but has also contributed in to solving bigger issues. In the United States, it was found that a rise in temperature of above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (or 32°C) led to a death of 600 people annually back in the years between 1960 and 2004. After 2004, with increased usage of air conditioners, that rate has been cut down by almost 80%. Hence, it is safe to say, that these machines have saved lives.

It is commonly heard that air conditioners cause people to feel dryness in their skin and eyes. Although air conditioning generally works by draining moisture from the air, making the air a bit dry, it should not impact the skin or eyes. Other factors like prolonged screentime may contribute to such issues. Moreover, if the temperature set on the AC is too cold, it may make the skin feel drier as chilled air leads to increased condensation of water. Coming to tiredness, it may come from long working hours or health issues as there is no such evidence linking air conditioners with physical tiredness. However, frequently going back and forth from a cold air-conditioned space to the hot outdoors may make you a bit uncomfortable, but it does not put any significant hazard to the overall health.

For the lot of us vulnerable to heat exhaustion and dehydration, air conditioners are no less than blessings. Moreover, for people suffering from seasonal allergies, a clean and properly maintained AC keeps dust and pollen away to make it all a bit easier for them.

As the necessity for air conditioners is rising, manufacturers are incorporating the most innovative technologies into these coolers. Adding to their existing products, Samsung Consumer Electronics has come up with a new range of air conditioners equipped with amazing functions, costing between BDT 63,900 to 89,900, depending on the size. This range of air conditioners comes with Easy Filter Plus, simplifying maintenance by a few notches. You can easily remove and replace the filter to clean it, providing the convenience of self-service while reducing costs. Their high density (HD) Anti-bacterial Filter helps capture contaminants, keeping the heat exchange clean for better performance.

Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change. This air conditioner uses the R410a refrigerant gas which is Environmentally friendly to the ozone layer. More energy efficient since it absorbs and discharges heat better than other refrigerants. The best way to ensure you get the most energy efficiency in your cooling system is to invest in a unit that uses R410A refrigerant.

With Digital Inverter Boost technology, it maintains the desired temperature with less fluctuation catering to lower power consumption!

To know more, you can visit Samsung's outlets or the website at, if you are looking for the perfect air conditioner for your home or office, go to your nearest Samsung outlet to purchase the AC and ensure a healthy breathing space!

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