Published:  03:11 AM, 16 April 2022

Imo introduces pop-up safety tips to facilitate secured communication

Imo has recently launched a series of safety tips in the Android version of Imo to safeguard users from malicious harassment through suspect identification.  These safety tips will help users identify others' intentions on the platform and adjust privacy settings based on their requirements, reads a press release. Imo's consistent efforts towards catering to users' safety and security needs contribute to creating a healthy communication environment for everyone. When suspected harassers attempt to contact Imo users through call or text, a series of safety tips will emerge.

These tips will allow users to identify their counterpart's intentions, guide users to adjust their privacy settings, and safeguard users from malicious harassment. To ensure safe experiences for all users, Imo has incorporated cutting-edge technology with an algorithm to identify suspects. Once a specific caller is identified as a harassing suspect, safety tips will automatically appear on the receiver's screen while calling. In addition, a privacy setting guide on 'Who Can Call Me' will pop up subsequently if the user's case is applicable.

In the setting, users can set 'Everyone' or 'My Contacts' as caller groups according to their needs. Users can do the same during the one-on-one chat, where users can block and even report harassing suspects when receiving safety tips. These tips are currently available on Android in multiple languages, including Bangla, English, and many more.

According to Imo, it brings pop-up safety tips to enable users to enjoy a safer and more harmonious communication environment in a digital space, thus protecting its valued users from any kind of inconvenience on the platform.  By introducing these safety tips, Imo is helping users stay safe from unexpected harassment.

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