Published:  03:13 AM, 16 April 2022

Vivo Y series offers budget-friendly smartphones

Vivo Y series offers budget-friendly smartphones

Despite how tough it might be to stay up with changing trends and preferences, vivo has done it with ease. The leading smartphone company has done an excellent job of meeting the needs of its target and potential customers. The tech giant's Y series has set a new standard with its camera, design, and battery features. Let us see if current smartphones under Y series can keep up to the checklist:

In today's world, where everything can be shot on a smartphone, from advertisements to documentaries, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that a device's camera quality determines how well it will perform in the market. vivo once again launched some phones with innovative camera qualities in its Y series, one of them being vivo Y33s. Y33s has a 50MP Rear Camera, supported with a 2MP Bokeh Camera and a 2MP Super Macro Camera.

The 50MP Rear Camera sensor offers high-definition photography with pristine clarity irrespective of zoom in or crop. vivo Y21T is another gem of the Y series offering an advanced 50MP Main Camera supported by a Super Macro Camera that focuses as close as 4cm and a Bokeh Camera that has been optimized to make the background appear natural and smooth.

Additionally, it has an 8MP Super Night Selfie on the front panel that yields bright and clear images. Coupled with the Face Beauty algorithm, the front camera creates stunning selfies making the camera experience even better.
The smartphone industry is no exception to the rule that excellent design equals good business. While some people are interested in the processor, storage, and other specifications, others are solely concerned with the appearance of the phone.

vivo is leveling up the user's experience with Y21, Y33s and Y15s, all equally attractive. The reason Y33s is becoming quite popular among the youth of Bangladesh owing to its chic design with a slim and trendy outlook giving a luxurious feel. It is a slender phone with a 2.5D packs a massive battery into an 8.0mm thin body and 182g is surprisingly lightweight tech that allows a comfortable and hassle-free hold. Y21T on the other hand appears elegant and professional. The side-mounted fingerprint scanner allows users to access the device quickly, not to forget Y1s is designed for a strong and comfortable grip along with beautiful 3D curves.

What good is a phone without a strong battery backup! The demand for a phone equipped with a long-lasting battery has particularly hiked during the pandemic.

vivo yet again has got our back with Y15s, Y21 with an impressive battery backup. vivo Y15s, Y21T and Y21 are all powered by long-lasting 5000mAh battery allowing users to use them for longer hours; the smartphone delivers a solid, long-lasting experience.

With Y series vivo made sure to serve every single smartphone user out there, of different age groups, having different preferences and budgets. vivo did a thorough research about the people with different mindsets look for in a smartphone and made sure to include all that in vivo Y series making it as exceptional and creative as it is.

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