Published:  04:30 PM, 17 April 2022

Prepare for a healthier Ramadan this year!

Prepare for a healthier Ramadan this year!
After consecutive years of spending the holy Ramadan under lock-down restrictions, Riana and Sami are finally preparing this year for a rather festive Ramadan. As a working couple, the two are already anticipating an early preparation for healthy and safe food storage. After putting some thoughts behind it, Riana and Sami decide to bring home a new refrigerator while also looking for ways to keep their food fresh for longer during Ramadan.

As a bad odor repels appetite, special attention must be paid to ensuring a fresh smell in the refrigerator. Samsung's RT47 refrigerator has also been equipped with a "Twin Cooling Plus" technology which contains Double Evaporator and Double Cooling Fan for both fridge and freezer compartment, that cool the compartments separately to prevent odor from spreading from freezer to fridge. Hence, frozen food remains flavorful and odor-free. Moreover, this feature also accounts for "15 days' freshness", by maintaining an ample humidity of 70%, keeping ingredients fresh for up to 15 days. With Moisture-Full Freshness all over the fridge and deliciously tasty, odor-free frozen food, you can anticipate a fulfilling meal for iftar this Ramadan!

On top of these, the RT47 refrigerator also comes with 5 conversion modes on demand. We often tend to stay out of our homes for extended hours during Ramadan to attend iftar parties and events, elevating the need for a freezer compared to fridge. On the other hand, upon purchasing bags of groceries, the fridge often becomes more necessary than the freezer. For such contradictory situations, the 5 conversion modes can come in very handy.

The modes include a Regular Mode, where it operates normally; an Extra Fridge Mode, also known as Shopping Mode, where both the freezer and the fridge work as a normal fridge; a Seasonal Mode, where the freezer can be switched off with only the fridge working, saving more energy; a Vacation Mode, where only the freezer works to preserve raw food for long time without worry and keeping the fridge portion switched off; and a Home Alone Mode, also known as mini-fridge, where only the freezer works by turning into a fridge, saving energy by 75%. These features allow more efficient use of refrigerators, with modes suitable for different circumstances.

The month of Ramadan always brings in a festive aura, with food being a major part of it. As lives have become busier, there is little to no substitute for food storage. For the likes of Riana and Sami, meal prepping can be a quick and viable iftar solution. Hence, with the onset of the holy month, possession of a quality refrigerator is also becoming necessary. The Samsung RT47 refrigerator offers ultimate freshness, combined with convenient energy-saving options, making it the perfect refrigerator for you!

Moreover, under "Ei Eid'e Samsung Kinlen Tow Jitlen" campaign by Samsung, customers can win a mixer grinder, blender, and iron by purchasing selective side-by-side or twin cooling refrigerators,. The refrigerator price starts from BDT 36,900. Additionally, up to BDT 11,000 cashback and BDT 23,000 worth of exchange offers can also be availed by consumers.

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