Published:  12:31 AM, 11 May 2022

Why are the Students of Public Administration Neglected in BCS?

 Md Mominur  Rahman

The university is a beacon of free thought and a platform to help a student grow as big as his dreams. So, most of the students like to grow up with the smell of public university. Hard work, perseverance, patience is the way to reach the destination. Millions of students landed in a great war. For a long 4-5 months books, notebooks, pens and tables have to form an impeccable relationship with the mind. Some people fall like flower petals again. Youth is no longer spent in university.

After some students get a chance to take admission in the university, the desire remains to complete undergraduate and postgraduate studies with a good subject. Public administration is one of the subjects of Economics, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations and other subjects of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Being a first class subject in the Faculty of Social Sciences, a student has to be in a good serial to get admission in this subject.After getting the opportunity in the university, most of the students dream of becoming BCS cadre or university teacher. Most of the students aim to become BCS cadres as there is no possibility of National University students becoming public university teachers. There are millions of students in the hope of this attractive government job. Being a BCS cadre means getting golden deer.So, they try hard to get this lucrative government job from their respective positions till a certain age.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can take part in BCS in any subject. At present there are a total of 26 cadres including 14 general and 12 technical. According to PSC, there were 4,12,532 candidates applied for the 40th BCS. There are a number of other subjects in the technical cadre, including medical and engineering. Students of other subjects cannot take the exam. As a result, students of public administration deprived of technical cadre.

The Ministry of Public Administration has finally published the gazette in the name of 2,129 candidates in the last 36th BCS. The results of the examination show that 25 candidates have been shortlisted for the foreign cadre. 20 of them are doctors or engineers. Of the 13 engineers, 10 are from BUET and 6 are doctors. In the 40th BCS, those who became 1st in foreign, police, administration, customs, food, tax cadre are all students of engineering university. The question is - if doctors and engineers have to go to this foreign cadre of BCS, then why have they studied so many years in engineering or and medical? These doctors and engineers are the jewels of the country and our resources. We want them to compete at the international level, to bring respect for the country, to make Bangladesh stand out in the world. If engineers or doctors can be foreign, police or administration cadres then why public administration is taught?

Students of public administration have the opportunity to see the work of the state system, diplomacy, administration and police cadres of different countries directly as the teachers give these assignments in different semesters. But the ultimate truth is that the highest meritorious people of the country do not get a chance to properly evaluate their education by losing the competition. In the 36th BCS, 1320 engineering students of general cadre have been removed from the general subject students or have been placed at the top. Wherever you put your hand, there is a possibility of gold. If you go abroad or administration, then who will go to Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba?

According to the recent PSC, the number of education cadres in the 40th BCS is 636. When education cadre is given from Arabic, Sanskrit etc., unfortunately there is no education cadre in a subject like public administration. When public administration is taught, it is not limited to administration. There are many courses available in different semesters including Sociology, Political Science, Economics. When the results of the last 41st BCS were published, the students of public administration expressed their grief and anger. Although many education cadres are on the preferred list, they cannot go out of the shackles of the rules.

Public administration is taught in about 15 universities of the country. They are deprived of most of the seats in BCS due to lack of education cadre. In this case, thousands of students would benefit if the cadre of public administration students could be included in the political science. I'm not trivializing anything. Public administration is a subject in which there is a ministry in Bangladesh. From that Ministry of Public Administration comes news in PSC how many seats are vacant for any cadre. In an important, valuable, alluring government job like BCS, public administration is highly neglected. There is no education cadre, no special cadre. I would like to politely ask the PSC and the Ministry of Public Administration to include the Public Administration Department in the education cadre or give the admin cadre.

Md Mominur Rahman is a Student, Department of Public Administration, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur

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