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Tattoo art in Bangladesh

Tattoo art in Bangladesh

 Syed Safwat Sayeed

 Today we are going to feature tattoo art and one of the best tattoo artist of our country Bangladesh. His name is Saidur Rahman.Everyone wants to leave their mark in this world, and it’s incredible how tattoo artists leave theirs on people -- live designs and works of art that tell a story.

The perception of tattoos in Bangladesh has been changing over the years and among many known artists, Saidur Rahman from Lakshmi Ink BD went to Mumbai Tattoo School in India, got a diploma and came back to Bangladesh to start doing what he loves. He admires Surujnit Shah Biplob’s work, stating: “I got my last training from Surujnit Shah. He is great at mixing designs of different tattoos without any hassle.”

Almost 12 years have gone by for Saidur in this business, and 3 year ago, he opened a new tattoo studio in Dhanmondi 2. He is a travelling artist who is out to experience the world of tattoos.

Let's be honest, tattoos are still considered a taboo by a major part of our society, but body modifications are not really a new trend; this has been going on since as early as 200 BC. Even in Bangladesh, women go through the simplest form of body modification -- piercings. Tattoos can be seen as a common trend in many remote areas of our country.

The rise of individuals who are stepping out of the social stigma has opened a sustaining market for tattoo lovers. Saidur got his first tattoo in a fair in Shankhari Bazaar. “It was the famous stick and poke method,” he said, “and though I did not know much about tattoos back then, I saw the work and got myself tattooed by him.”

Saidur, himself, embodies a work of art -- he has had 29 tattoos done on his body. Fun fact, there are 19 different parts of the body on which you can get tattooed. As an artist himself, Saidur says the neck is the most difficult part to work on. “The skin there is very soft, the veins are close to the needle and the area has fewer muscles. The easiest part to tattoo is the hands.”

The artist emphasizes that they do not tattoo people who are below 18 years. The reason behind this, he explains, is that: “The skin does not develop completely before the age of 18, and when we tattoo on such skin type, the customer tends to have problems in the long run.”  

Most tattoo artists buy their products (inks, needles, tattoo machines) online, which can be cheap but will be of poor quality, and may affect their customers. Many people get their tattoos done from abroad, because this is why they can’t rely on local artists.

Saidur has been working around the world since 2001. He uses three types of ink -- Japanese, Indian, and American. They come in a set of six colours. “The best ink I use would be KuroSumi Tattoo Ink, which is a Japanese brand and costs around Tk28,000 per set. I make my own shades by mixing the colours.”

A tattoo usually fades as our skin layers keep falling and regenerating. Saidur offers free repair sessions that last for about 20 years.

Saidur has come to love his job. “When you work on someone, the person will carry it on their skin for the rest of their lives. It's an awe-inspiring feeling. When I meet my clients after years and get to see my work -- it feels great! My work lives on as long as my clients do.”

Tattoo culture is definitely raining down in Bangladesh. People have many misinterpretations regarding tattooing. Saidur says: “There are many forbidden things in my religion, but that does not stop others from carrying out certain activities that go against their religious beliefs. However, there was a misconception that water does not get to our skin through a tattoo, but that has been proven wrong now.”

“I have tattoos on my body and I have facial hair, as well. My skin sweats just like any skin without a tattoo -- if water comes out, water gets in too. People still cannot believe that things are changing with the aid of technology. You can remove your tattoos too, so, it really doesn’t go against my beliefs.”

Fun fact three, you can still sweat like a normal person after getting a tattoo. So, if the world is going up in flames, you’ll still perspire. You are a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities.This is all about our tattoo artist Saidur Rahman Bhuiyan, (Owner of Lakshmi Ink Tattoo studio.)

An article by,
Syed Safwat Sayeed
Student of 12th grade at ‘‘Scholar’s School And College’’

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