Published:  08:49 AM, 14 May 2022

Apple to discontinue the iPod after 21 yrs

Apple to discontinue the iPod after 21 yrs
Apple has announced it is discontinuing its music player, the iPod Touch, bringing to an end a device widely praised for revolutionising how people listen to music. When the first iPod was launched in 2001, it could store 1,000 tracks. Today there are more than 90 million songs on Apple's streaming service. The iPod Touch was designed by the same team that later invented the iPhone, which quickly overshadowed the iPod. Apple last updated the iPod in 2019.

There have been various iPod models over the years - including the Nano and Shuffle - but the iPod Touch, which was released in 2007 is the last model to be discontinued.Apple says it will remain available to buy "while stocks last". The gadget had "redefined how music is discovered, listened to, and shared", Greg Joswiak, the senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple said.

iPod fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the news and their memories connected with the music devices. The first model of the iPod was revealed by Apple boss Steve Jobs in typical Apple style in 2001 - with much fanfare, anticipation and in his trademark jeans and black turtleneck. There had been rumours the company was going to announce a new music player after the invitation for the launch event read: "Hint: It's not a Mac." "Music's a part of everyone's life. Music's been around forever. It will always be around," Jobs said during his hour long presentation. The big headline for the night was simple: "1,000 songs in your pocket."

Over the years, many celebrities have thrown their star power behind the iPod, including John Mayer, U2 and Oprah Winfrey. BMW introduced the first car entertainment system with a built-in iPod system, and within a few years, most car manufacturers had followed suit.

--- BBC

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