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May the Mutual Friendship between Every Member of the Family Remain Intact

May the Mutual Friendship between Every Member of the Family Remain Intact
Sunday, May 15, International Family Day 2022. May 15, 1993 was declared International Family Day by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly. The United Nations declared 1994 the International Year of the Family. According to the United Nations, the day aims to raise awareness about family issues and provide families with an opportunity to raise awareness about the social, economic and demographic processes affecting them. Eminent researcher Dr. MM Mazed, the founder of the jatio rogi kallan Society, has written a column on today's topic. Family members develop affection, love, friendship, and mutual respect.

The image of a joint family that has existed all over Bengal since ancient times has faded away. The image of a joint family has long since disappeared in urban life. Earlier some joint families were seen in the village but now they are not. Dynasty status is the history of living together even in the family of tradition. Family means mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother living together on a bike. This concept of family has been prevalent in our society since time immemorial. But as the days go by, we seem to be coming out of this idea. As if we are gradually restricting the family to 'husband-wife-child'. There is no place for parents or grandparents. Parents may have to live a lonely and helpless life in a village home. Again, the address of many parents is 'Vriddhashram'. In hindsight, the idea of a single or joint family seems to have become obsolete. In urban life in particular, the issue has taken on extreme proportions. According to sociologists, mutual harmony is deep and intact in the joint family prevalent in our society. They extend a helping hand to each other in various problems including illness.

It also solves many big problems very easily. The importance of celebrating International Family Day today is immense at a time when the issue of keeping joint family or family ties intact is becoming increasingly unimportant in this society. Blood ties mean family ties. It is the moral responsibility of all of us to build and maintain genuine good relationships among all family members. In our traditional society, beautiful family ties are an important condition of beautiful life. When all the members of the family have a friendly relationship, many complex problems of the family can be dealt with. The way forward for all is smooth.

Role of family

This family education is very important for every human being in human life. And the family is the best way to master these. The role of family in acquiring various characteristics is immense.Learning to be polite, ethical, responsible, grateful, showing respect to the elders, caring for the younger ones, showing compassion to others, developing a spirit of benevolence, cultivating a spirit of generosity, much more family than can be gained from an educational institution. Acquire fromCan be done.> History of the day: -

Nazrul Islam, a social scientist in Bangladesh, thinks that joint families are breaking up due to the expansion of modern social system, economic competition and disproportionate livelihoods. He thinks that in the pursuit of life, brothers and sisters do not live together as before. Even in this Dhaka city, in the same building as well as in a flat, there is very little exchange of words or social norms. Almost everyone is giving birth to a new small family by separating from the joint family thinking about the future of a person when he is a little older in the family or if he has children after marriage. According to him, the disadvantage of breaking up joint families is the increase in the number of old age homes. Which is worrying in Bangladesh.

From 1850 to 1850, the Industrial Revolution took place in England and America. Due to the expansion of industry, the youth of western countries are inclined to earn money. This reduces their interest in the family. Many are separated from their families. He has built small families where he can work and need money. In this way many joint families have broken up.

In the 1980's, the United Nations began focusing on family matters. In 1983, based on the recommendations of the Economic and Social Council, the Social Development Commission (1983/23) requested the Secretary-General to raise awareness among decision makers about the role of the family in the development process and to address the family's problems and needs.

In a resolution dated May 29 /1985, the Council General called on the Assembly to consider the possibility of including an item called "Family in the development process" in the provisional agenda of its fortieth sessionUrges the Secretary-General to begin the process of developing global awareness of the issues.Subsequently, on the recommendation of the 30th session of the Social Development Commission, this Parliament invited all the States to give their views and suggestions on the possible declaration of an International Year of the Family.

The Council requested the Secretary-General to submit a comprehensive report to the General Assembly in its 30th Third Session on the basis of the views and proposals of the member countries on the possible declaration of such a year and other ways and means to improve the situation and family welfare and social progressAnd strengthen international cooperation as part of a global development effort.In a resolution dated December 9, 1989, 44/82, the General Assembly passed a resolution in 1989 approving 1993 as World Family Year.

Population Account: -

The population of our country is growing rapidly. The number of families is increasing. In 1971, the population of Bangladesh was 7 9 million. In 2000, the population increased to 13 crores. According to the Household Income and Expenditure Survey published in June 2009, 74.87% of the households live in permanent raw houses. 4.95 percent families live in pucca houses. 2.13 percent families live in huts and temporary huts.

The total number of households (households) in Bangladesh is 3 crore 93 lakh 30 thousand. Of these, 2 crore 82 lakh 60 thousand families live in villages and 1 crore 10 lakh 70 thousand families live in cities. In 1971, there were about 90 lakh families.

The Bureau of Statistics has also provided information on the roofs or walls of these houses of the people of Bangladesh. Brick or cement roof in 11.6% of households. This rate is five times higher in urban areas than in rural areas. In 84.29 percent of households, the rice in the house is made of tin or wood. Rice is made from straw, straw, bamboo or anything else by 4.65% of households.

Family Functions: -

The family does a lot of work to build a beautiful and safe life for the family members. The tasks that the family usually performs are as follows-

Biological work: We are born and raised by our parents as a result of marriage. Therefore, giving birth and raising children is one of the duties of a family. This type of family work is called biological work.

Educational work: Many of us get acquainted with the family alphabet before going to school. Moreover, with the mutual support of parents, siblings and other family members, the first opportunity to learn human qualities like honesty, etiquette, generosity, discipline etc. is created in the family. These are the educational work of the family. And since the primary education of the child starts in the family, it is called the school of the family or the first school of life.

Economic work: The family is responsible for meeting the needs of family members for food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, etcThe members of the family meet these needs by earning money in various ways. The cottage industry, fish farming, agricultural work, animal husbandry etc. economic activities are performed around the family. In some cases it has decreased. But even today the family is meeting all our economic needs.

Ideal family functions:

Living in harmony: One of the functions of an ideal family is for all the members of the family to live together in harmony. And this work is an ideal family.
Feeling disciplined: Everyone in the family lives within a certain discipline. They refrain from engaging in immoral activities and live in peace.

Increased mental strength: Other members of the family help him emotionally when someone in the family is in danger. As a result, he can recover quickly from his danger.

Collaborative Attitude: People of an ideal family always show a collaborative attitude towards each other. When someone is in danger, there is no shortage of help.

Attitude full of forgiveness: One of the functions of an ideal family is to have the attitude of forgiving if someone in the family has done wrong by not punishing him.

Giving time to each other: In this modern age everyone has become an instrument but an ideal family is one of the functions in this case all the members of the family give enough time to each other.

After all, we have our own ethnic characteristics, our own culture. We have to move forward with all these things. Above all, our social problems are increasing day by day as family ties are breaking down. Growing instability. Religious law also calls for keeping blood relations intact.

On this International Family Day, we will have the expectation, "Let the mutual friendship be intact in every member of the family - the indescribable happiness and peace prevailing in every family."

Dr Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed is a Founder of Jatio Rogi Kallan Society.

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