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Purakhali Baor in Jessore

Purakhali Baor in Jessore
Purakhali Baor holds an area of 78 hectors in general, where in rainy season, the size enlarges to 94 hectors. There are 2 hectors sized Sanctuary containing 22 species of natural fish, 17 species of local and foreign birds, and 9 types of Aquatic Plants. There are mainly 4 villages surrounding the Baor namely Porabali, Mothuapur, Dighirpar and Dewapar.

The main objective of this sanctuary is to increase the number of natural fish, protect and nourish the birds and aquatic plants. To make those objectives successful, this sanctuary was established in the year 2000. There are 4 fish retrieved group taking care of many species of fish.There are also many species of tree surrounding this Baor. There are around 1500 herb, fruit and other types of trees. However, there is only one nursery.

How to go

There is an intercity train service available which leaves every day at 12:30. Chitra express and Sundarbans express are trains departing from Dhaka to Jessore and Khulna.Purakhali Baor is next to Kurakhali Beel and is located at Sreedharpur of Avaynagar in Jessore district. After reaching at Jessore, you can take local buses or CNG to reach that spot.

Where to stay

The district of Jessore holds many hotels you may consider staying in.

Things to do

1. You will see Jhapa Baor and Khajura Baor

2. See the natural beauty of Kopotakkho River flows

3. You can take photos of birds and other animals.

4. You can have boat trips all the time throughout the year.

5. You can arrange a picnic by giving an amount of charge any time from November to March.

Eating facilities

There is no food facility in Purakhali Baor. You can bring your own food and water.

Travel tips

1. Fishing is not allowed for the externals into that Baor.

2. You cannot take or destroy any or any part of trees, bushes etc.

3. People cannot elevate livestock surrounding the Baor.
4. Splitting any kind of chemical waste or environmental pollution is absolutely prohibited.

5. Any kind of activity relating to sound pollution is not allowed.

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