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Quicker ways to prevent hair fall

Quicker ways to prevent hair fall

Have you been thinking lately if there are quicker ways to prevent hair fall? Adopt the 5 easy steps to diminish hair fall for a life changing experience. As we spend most of the time working outside now – a – days, we hardly get any time to take care of our skin or hair. Most of us are always looking for just one – step hair care solution. Well, it is time for us to gear up and make up our mind for using Lafz halal essential onion seed hair oil.

Lafz, a halal multinational lifestyle Company recently launched their halal essential onion seed hair oil. This oil is a blessing for all those who are looking for just one particular solution to stop hair fall. This outstanding hair oil is actually a blend of 10 other essential oils. So, one can enjoy the goodness of other oils as well. It comes with an in- built oil applicator which makes using it a lot more fun and hassle free.

5 steps for preventing hair fall to get healthier and shinier hair:

1.       Avoid using extreme - heat hair styling products – If you style your hair on a regular basis or have chemically treated hair, then definitely using Lafz onion hair oil is a must cause it is rich in antioxidants which will provide protection from excessive heat of the styling tools as well as sun damage.

2.       Nutritional deficiencies – Make sure that you include vitamin supplements in your diet and run a medical test to find out if you have any deficiency or not. Along with oral supplements, do ensure that you are using Lafz onion hair oil as it is infused with Vitamin E which makes hair glossy and strong.

To Shop the ultimate anti hair fall solution:

3.       Regular hot oil massage and trimming – Just grab Lafz onion hair oil and pamper yourself with a weekend hot oil massage. Try this every week. Since this oil is a mixture of 10 other essential oils like olive, jojoba, sunflower, blackseed, castor, sweet almond, Moroccan Argan oil and many more, it can easily solve issues like split ends, damaged colored hair, bleaching and many such problems. Trimming at an interval of every 3 months can improve the health of your hair drastically.

4.       Use Mild shampoos and soft- bristle brushes- Avoid using shampoos made up of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulphates and do not forget to use Lafz onion hair oil as it is free from animal cruelty and chemical nasties. As it is halal, it is 100% natural and available totally in undiluted form. It is the safest and purest form of care that you can give your hair.

5.       Controlling skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis – Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis often increase the chances of scalp infections and inflammations. Hence, applying Lafz onion hair oil will keep infections and flaky skin at bay due its anti- inflammatory properties.

Know more:

This hair oil is absolutely within one’s budget as well. So, buy one today without any further delay.

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