Published:  06:14 PM, 13 August 2022

What are the reasons for hair loss in women?

What are the reasons for hair loss in women?
Each woman more or less faces several challenges in life while reaching adolescence, getting married, being pregnant, going through menstrual cycles, attaining menopause and the list just goes on. Each episode or each life changing event brings various changes which are responsible for hair fall.
Therefore, to make life much easier for our beloved women, Lafz has arrived with a one- stop- solution which is Lafz halal onion hair oil.  Let us explore some major reasons which cause drastic hair fall in women and how Lafz onion hair oil can come handy in each of these situations. 

1. Pregnancy – During this time a woman goes through most of the hormonal changes which cause immense hair loss. Therefore, turning to lafz onion hair oil will take care of this problem to a great extent as it is filled with olive, coconut, jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond, Moroccan Argan oil and the goodness of many other essential oils. 

2. Thyroid disorders – When hormones like T3 AND T4 are affected due to prolonged hypothyroidism, then women suffer from thinning of hair on the scalp as the hair starts to fall out. To avoid bald patches from occurring, one should shift to Lafz onion hair oil immediately as it is enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidants which will control premature hair fall and greying. 

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3. Genetics – Many women acquire a thin volume of hair genetically from either side of their parents. In such a case one should regularly take care of their hair and definitely should switch to Lafz halal onion hair oil which is rich in antioxidants to take care of genetic problems. 

4. Chemical treatments – Due to the demand of new hairstyles, smoothening treatments, rebounding, perming and many such treatments women tend to lose a lot of hair before time. Therefore, adopting lafz onion hair oil can easily tackle issues related to chemically treated hair. 

5. Pollution and sun damage – As pollution is on the uprise, many women get affected by toxic pollutants and harmful chemicals in the air. Hence, sticking to Lafz onion hair oil is the ultimate solution for getting rid of such damage as it is blanketed with anti – inflammatory properties. 

6. Improper diet – Women tend to remain careless about having a proper balanced diet. Therefore, consuming vitamin supplements combined with a proper diet is highly essential. Along with those, applying Lafz onion hair oil will strengthen the hair from root to the tip. 
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Hence, it is highly recommended for every woman out there to make Lafz onion hair oil their permanent friend. As it is absolutely halal, budget friendly and all- in – one solution.

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