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Rampal Dighi in Munshiganj

Rampal Dighi in Munshiganj
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Rampal Dighi is one of the most ancient Dighi(large pond) in Munshiganj District. It is about 1500m long from north to south and 300m wide. Recently built Rampal College stands on its northern bank. Rampal Dighi covers an area of about 55 acres of land.

The Lake of Legend:
Ballal Sen (reign: 1160-1179) was the second ruler of the Sen dynasty of Bengal. He was the son and successor of Vijay Sen, the founder of Sen dynasty. King Bollal Sen was a famous ruler of Sen dynasty in Bikrompur. One day his mother told him that the tenants need a good & suitable source of water for their everyday use. The kind King set arrangement for making a very large pond. Actually his mother was instructed by some Angelic figures in a lucid dream. So,according to her dream she decided to walk a mile. Her walkway will be the area of the pond. After the pond is being dug, there was no water at all. Again according to the instruction of an angelic entity the King decided to sacrifice himself. But at last moment kings friend Rampal took his place. Rampal sacrificed himself and the pond was filled with water instantly. But unfortunately today there is no water in this pond anymore.

How to go
There are several transport is available from Dhaka to Munshiganj. The bus services are "Nayan Paribahan", "Dighir par Paribahan" and "Dhaka Transport", all of the buses used to start from "Gulistan" of Dhaka. It will cost you 60-80 taka, and will require 1 hrs to 2 hrs bus journey depending upon the road traffic.

Also you can hire CNG auto rickshaw from the "Postogola", and it will take you 250-350 to take you at Muktarpur bridge. Remember, if you are hiring CNG, make sure who will provide the toll of the bridge. For you information, the toll fee is 20 taka. So negotiate with the driver of CNG about who will provide the toll.Although it's located in Munshiganj Sadar , but from the bottom of Muktarpur bridge it will take almost 20-25 minutes to reach there in Rampal Dighi by Battery-rickshaw or CNG auto rickshaw. To reach there you have to ride on a vehicle moving toward Madina Bazar or Vanga Bazar.

Where to stay
Though the district is just beside the Dhaka, still its hard to find a suitable hotel from the district. The main reason, may be people from dhaka used to come this place for a single day trip. But anyway, if you need to stay at Munshiganj town, that case I'll suggest you to stay at "Hotel Comfort" this one is the best from the town. Also you there is another one which is "Hotel three star international". But the quality of the rooms of this hotel is not that much good. For both cases, it will take 100-700 taka per night depending upon the room.

Things to do
Observe the recent condition of dried lake whereas it's said that there was a big dighi.Enjoy the scenario of green vast land Experience the local people saying about that lake.

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