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Alta dighi national park

Alta dighi national park

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Alta dighi (also Alta Dighi) is a name of a large pond and also a less heard travel destination from our country Bangladesh. This pond is the part of Altadighi national park. This is located exactly near at the India-Bangladesh border at the northern part of the country. During the ruling period of Raja Biswanath Jogoddol during 1400th century this place was having a serious scarcity of the water. To ease the water crisis the king decide to dig a pond for his peasants.

To decide about the length of the pond, the king requested his queen to walk until her foot bleeds. Thus the queen started walking and she already passed a long distance. The high officials thought that the King might not be able to dig such a large pond.

So they have thrown Alta (a red color that Bangladeshi girls used to decorate their feet that time) on her feet and started shouting that her feet started to bleed. So she stopped at there. Local people believe this tale is the main reason to call this pond as Alta dighi. Now a days there is a Shalbon located beside this dighi that comprises of various trees including Shal and Gojari. Alta Dighi is located approximately 56km away from Zilla Sadar. Its length is 1113 meters, breadth 42.81 meters and volume of 42.81 meters. It is a very attractive spot for the tourists. This is situated exactly near at the India-Bangladesh border at the North Bengal. There is a beautiful forest near the dighi.

How to go
Buses can be used to get between major towns, or else rickshaws for small distances. There are two major Bus Stand/ Stop in Naogaon District. The First but small one is "Dhaka Bus Stand" , where usually you will get buses to go to Dhaka, Bogra, Sylhet and Chittagong mainly. The other one is "Baludangga Bus Stand" situated almost at the end of the Naogaon Municipality. At "Baludangga" Bus Stand, you can get buses to travel to Paharpur, and other Sub-division of Naogaon District, such Sapahar, Nazipur, badalgachi etc.

The other most convenient options is the "Bangladesh Railway", from "Santahar" Railway Station. You can find numerous trains from "Santahar" to various district in Northern & Southern Bangladesh. Using First class ticket is a very convenient way for foreign Tourists, to be safe and pleasant journey, and price is also very reasonable in fact Bangladesh Railway is cheap. After reaching at Naogaon, take local buses to reach that place.

Things to do
Click pictures of the beautiful Dighi and near forest.

Eating facilities
If you are hungry you may search for restaurants or fast food shops nearby. You may also carry your own food.

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