Valentine’s Day

Published:  03:01 AM, 14 February 2023

Let Love Dispel All Pangs and Pessimisms

Let Love Dispel All Pangs and Pessimisms
As Valentine’s Day comes back to us once again with the message of love and amity, it hurts us to see the absence of harmony and peace all around us. There are disputes, antagonism, intolerance and inhumanity almost everywhere. Political restlessness and different forms of socio-economic maladies have hammered us so hard that we cannot see love and sympathy anywhere. A painful scenario aggravated with the woes of uncertainty, panic and violence has cornered human beings in nearly all parts of the world. We have totally forgotten about the virtues of sacrifice, brotherhood, integrity and justice. Under these circumstances, love is the only remedy which can restore moral values and philanthropic principles across human societies all over the globe.

Being held on 14th February, Valentine’s Day come during spring. Spring is the most colorful season in all countries. This season becomes all the more glamorous when Valentine’s Day gets added to this vernal period with the message of love. The first day of spring is celebrated in Bangladesh spontaneously by people on 13th February. This is like the beginning of the festivities which enhances the amusement on 14th February, Valentine’s Day.

Currently a precarious situation is prevailing in Bangladesh. Political stability has come under threats due to burgeoning noncooperation between the major political parties. Things have been further worsened by the rise of communal outfits and religious fanatics who are vividly jeopardizing the secular norms the country’s people believe in. The same sort of circumference has got hold of other parts of the world too with wars ravaging different countries and landscapes. Love exists only in books, movies and on television channels at this moment whereas love was supposed to be guiding us, illuminating us and emboldening us to overcome all perils in real life. But we have failed to uphold the benevolence of love among people. As a result hostility, vengeance and ferocity have stained the history of human civilization. Due to the expansion of mechanized lifestyle, nowadays most of the people have lost compassion to their relatives, neighbors and colleagues. It is more frightening that lots of families are breaking apart due to lack of love and warmth. People are getting isolated from one another in this way which is blamed by sociologists for the mounting rate of suicide, domestic trouble, depression and mental illness among youths. Young people in many countries including Bangladesh are leaning towards crimes, militancy and drug abuse for such reasons. More intimidating is the fact that physical assaults on women have increased on ominous scales which often hit news headlines.

The retrieval of love is the only way to establish an ideal society for human beings where fraternity, equal rights and social as well as economic fairness would blossom in resonant colors eradicating the marks of agonies and deprivations from our surroundings. Love has been exalted by Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, William Shakespeare, PB Shelley, John Keats, Alexander Pushkin and many more poets and authors from different nations through centuries. There have been countless numbers of songs on the beauty of love in all languages of the world. Paintings with the theme of love are innumerable too. We should make the best of our efforts to resurrect the spirit of love to fight all the evil things which have enclosed us from all corners.

Love can be a very powerful instrument to combat poverty. If all the solvent people extend their helping hands for the betterment of destitute people in our country then poverty can be eliminated to a striking extent. The message of love and humanism should be sustained by politicians too for peacefully resolving all political issues. We can strengthen our fight against corruption fortifying ourselves with the enthusiasm of love.

A Latin proverb says “Amor vincit omnia” which means “love conquers everything.” While celebrating this Valentine’s Day, let us make a promise to place love, peace and humanitarian dictums on top of everything else for a lovelier and shinier tomorrow.

Nasir Uddin Shah is a Senior
Business Reporter of The Asian Age.

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