Published:  10:49 AM, 14 April 2023

Travel safely during Sehri or Iftar

Travel safely during Sehri or Iftar
The month of Ramadan is about to come to an end. The spirit of Eid is already here. Many are doing last-minute shopping. Again, because of their busy schedules throughout the month, some people might not have had time to spend properly with family or friends.So at the end of the month, they want to have Sehri or Iftar with their loved ones. But within the chaotic traffic before iftar, it is exceedingly challenging to get a vehicle or break through the gridlock.Again, apart from the uncertainty of finding a car on an empty road late at night during Sehri, there is concern about security.

Ridesharing services like Uber can provide a simple and reliable solution to such problems. Thanks to these services, attending a Sehri in Old Dhaka or visiting a relative's house for Iftar - all can be done safely. These services are easily available at any time of the day or night. Cars are great for going out with family and friends. If all members of the family want to eat together, there is also the feature of microbus. Moto is the ideal option for you if you need to get somewhere quickly and are traveling alone.CNG is an excellent choice for group travel for two to three persons. Again, a service like Uber Rentals is ideal if you want a ridesharing service vehicle to remain with you for a considerable amount of time, much like your personal vehicle.

Take the worry out of finding a car while going to enjoy Iftar or Sehri with loved ones. Use ridesharing services to benefit from their cutting-edge service and safety, and travel in comfort.

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