Published:  08:16 PM, 14 May 2023

Defying Age: Meet 54-year-old YouTuber fondly called ‘Ama YouTuber’

Defying Age: Meet 54-year-old YouTuber fondly called ‘Ama YouTuber’ 54-year-old YouTuber, Soneinuo seen at T Khel Sokhriezie Market, where she sells vegetables for a living. (Morung Photo)
At the age of 54, Soneinuo has defied odds by starting a Mukbang Channel on YouTube under the name “S. Metha Naga Vlog”. In a field dominated by people half her age or below, she has no qualms about doing something that most people would consider out of her league.

For Soneinuo, age is a matter of feeling, not of years and it was not going to deter her from following a new passion. “I developed interest in making Mukbang videos by watching people’s YouTube and thought to myself- ‘if they can do it, I can also do it.’ 

That’s how I started my own channel sometime last year,” she shares. Signing in to YouTube on September 21, 2022, she has so far uploaded 21 videos, garnering a total number of 2.28K subscribers till date. 

“Some people come and tell me that they would go to bed without eating dinner because of lack of appetite and end up watching my Mukbang videos and said, they would then start to feel hungry and rush back to the kitchen to eat,” she related to The Morung Express.

These are things that make her happy. Over the last 7 months, she has popularly come to be known as “Ama YouTuber” as young people start to notice her in person having watched her videos on YouTube. 

Soneinuo is the President of Mao Market Vendors and also the Treasurer of Para Medical Women Organisation.

Prior to the famed Mao Market being razed to ashes, customers would be surprised to find her sitting there, selling vegetables. “Ama YouTuber tu yate ase?” as they would say. “And then again, there are people who tell me—‘Ama, if you eat too much meat, you will die of high blood pressure.”

“By God’s grace and the prayers of my parents and loved ones, I have never felt sick and never been admitted to a hospital,” she went on to state in this regard. Soneinuo has 3 children including two sons and one daughter. 

Besides selling vegetables at the market in T Khel Sokhriezie Market, she also rears chicken, rabbits, white mice, cats and dogs.
Filled with a great appetite for life itself, the 54-year-old YouTuber also impressed upon that age should not be a factor if people find something that really piques their interest. 

In the month of March, she was also part of the Nagaland YouTuber Fest in Chümoukedima. They also have a WhatsApp Group wherein she is an active member.

“If you come across my YouTube Channel, please like, subscribe, share and also leave a comment. And if any of you also experience the same interest as I did while watching other people’s videos, you must also become a YouTuber,” she further put across.  

>> Source: The Morung Express

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