Published:  12:11 AM, 26 May 2023

Bangladesh: Justification Behind Withdrawing Police Protocol for Foreign Diplomats

Very recently Bangladesh government has decided to withdraw special security to envoys based in that nation. This has created widespread uproar all around the globe. But why this uproar has been created around the globe? As per the diplomatic norms are concerned, it is the hardcore job of each nation around the globe. What is the hardcore job involved? The job is that each nation has to look after the diplomatic corps based in each nation around the globe. If the diplomats are looked after well by each nation. Then the relations become more cordial and intimate between each other. Recently the announcement by the government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh that security to each nation, including mostly US, UK, India, Saudi Arab etc. That hardcover securities might have been withdrawn, but not fully. In this regard, the host nations have bear huge expenses for diplomatic securities. Same way India is bearing for diplomats staying in Indian capital New Delhi.

For the cognizance of many of my online readers of India and Bangladesh. It is the responsibility of all nations around the globe to look after safely and securely all the diplomatic corps. In this regard, all countries to bear expenses for the safety and security of the diplomatic corps. Though securities will be provided by government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. High level security might not be provided, but second grade security will be provided. Also Bangladesh being a peaceful and secured nation. Hence the diplomats of overseas destinations based in Dhaka will be well looked by government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Thus in the subsequent paragraph to analyze indepthly the justification behind the withdrawn of special security to all envoys based in Dhaka. Which is provided by government of Bangladesh.

The government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh might have diverse problems. Despite being crippled with multiple problems she is merging upwards with development activities. But the recent decision of that government should not be taken of as ire by other nations. Most likely there is the issue of expense. It doesn’t indicate that there is any fowl play involved in the actions of Bangladesh government. Under the dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina Wazed as Prime Minister. She is maintaining pleasant and cordial relations with not only close neighbors but also with other nations of the globe. During the decade of seventies, there was an attack on a respected Indian diplomat by an extremist group of Bangladesh. That attack was well tackled by the security agencies of Bangladesh of those times.

There has been a cross section of views about this withdrawal of securities. There should not be any exaggerative viewpoint in this regard. I would rate this stance of Bangladesh government as a diplomatic transition. Everything will be set in order when overall position eases in due course of time. It was mainly due to deleterious of Russia Ukraine war when each and every nation around the globe landed up into a state of utterly phobiatic situation. On account of the war economy of the globe has badly crippled. Off late things have eased a lot. But not completely.

Now if anybody poses a question that is Bangladesh government is justified in restricting the security of diplomats based in the capital city Dhaka. In order to justify the hypothesis of the government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh it will be a tough proposition on my part. But the logic is plain and simple. Securities will definitely be provided to foreign diplomats based in Dhaka. There will be difference in the standard of securities. That will be high grade security and moderate security. Otherwise everything is natural as per diplomatic tactfulness by Bangladesh is concerned.

During the recent trip to UK, US and Japan by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed, it was found that she was accorded full securities by the governments of those nations. Hence there should not be any acrimony which is to be exposed by any one of us. To maintain a pleasant and cordial relation with diplomat of other nation. It is nothing but to exchange cordiality and pleasantries with the world?  Yes it will sound absolutely true to our mind and heart. The terminology is referred to in diplomatic parlance as ‘International Brotherhood.’

The year 2022 should be treated as golden jubilee celebrations between United State and Bangladesh. Hence the relations between these two nations no doubt are always closer and cordial between each other. Bangladesh and US are involved in bilateral collaborations with each other.Even with neighboring India, the relations are always on a sound wicket. Business, trade, economic and commercial relations are accelerating day by day. Same goes with UK, Japan and other nations of the globe.

Hence despite all the odds, Bangladesh possess dynamic relations with each and every nation of the globe. She is always openhearted with each nation. Especially Sheikh Hasina Wazed as Prime Minister of Bangladesh is steering her nation to golden heights. That is why till date she is earning overwhelming plaudits from global icons which bears noble example in international diplomacy. Lastly it can be uttered without a trace of doubt that decision by the government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in streamlining diplomatic securities should not be treated as unjustified. Rather it should be treated as utterly justified by her.

Sujayendra Das is a columnist
based in Kolkata, India.

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