Published:  02:42 AM, 07 September 2023

Happy Birthday, The Asian Age

Happy Birthday, The Asian Age
The Asian Age, Dhaka, is on the verge of celebrating its 10th anniversary on the 20th day of the said month. This is no doubt an exciting and euphoric moment for all of us who are associated with this prestigious daily of Dhaka city. There is a common opinion that this daily is not to be talked about.

 But as this senior writer of the daily being associated since the year 2018, found that the management is always focusing oriented and always trying to meet the needs of readers of diverse age groups of Dhaka city. Though the daily sometimes faces little bit obstacle, but I feel with the passing away of time, everything will be overcome. All these have been possible due to kind courtesy Syed Badrul Ahsan and Nadeem Qaadir as editors who have steered the daily to golden heights. Though they are no more with TAA, but still their legacies are being carried on with grit and gumption.  At present Mahfouz Ul Hasib Chowdhury is holding on to the baton of TAA with perfect blend of stance and professionalism.

 There are many writers who are associated with The Asian Age, Dhaka. People like Dr S.S.Joarder, Imran Emon, Dr Rashid Askari, Mazadul Haq etc who have contributed to a greater extent as per the growth of The Asian Age, Dhaka is concerned. Till date their contributions are well reminisced all across Bangladesh and also in good parts of India. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr Soheb Chowdhury and Dr Kazi Jesmin Chowdhury Sikha are always motivating the writers immensely for their growth. In the Indian capital New Delhi, a journalist by the name of Gautam Lahiri, former president of National Press Club, has spoken highly about The Asian Age, Dhaka. He even motivated me to be more cordial with the daily. So that my career will become more glossy.

Now I wish to state some of the critical points by which TAA, Dhaka, will further rise to pinnacle of glory and success. My views might not be taken up in its positive stance. But still as an ardent well-wisher of The Asian Age, Dhaka. Thus some of the key issues which the authorities of TAA should take up in the upcoming days of their journey. Hence important issues are stated as such,

Opening network in Indian capital New Delhi.

When any international event in New Delhi, then special representative should be deputed to the venue of the event at New Delhi, or in other parts of India.

Recalling the stalwarts back to the fourfold of The Asian Age, Dhaka.

Print quality of the paper has improved, but more improvement is required through attractive articles, which should be an eye catching one.
The daily should cater to all sections of societies of Dhaka and other cities of Bangladesh.
There should be full emphasising on digitisation of the daily.

The daily should penetrate into all academic institutions of Dhaka as well as that of all diplomatic corps.

Dhaka University, a heritage academic institutes of the nation should be given special thrust by The Asian Age, Dhaka.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mahfouz Ul Hasib Chowdhury, The Asian Age, Dhaka, is moving ahead on the path of excellence. Mahfouz is always a good leader which nobody should deny. His aim is to spread the acceptability of English language all over Bangladesh. During my recent visit to Indian capital New Delhi, when I uttered the name of Mahfouz. Gautam Lahiri, another prominent frontline journalist of India along with Mrs Mohua Chatterjee spoke highly about The Asian Age, Dhaka. Though there is a confusion between Indian Asian Age and Bangladesh's Asian Age. This writer from India has cleared all confusion among my friend's circles that Bangladesh's AA is something different. The daily has a bright feature. If the management pays deep attention, then we could not even imagine about the success of AA in the upcoming days.

Bangladesh once rated by former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger as 'bottomless basket'. The nation is not at all in that stage. It will progress further and further. Dr Hasan Mahmud, information and broadcasting minister of the nation, is very much sympathetic and considerate about the growth prospects of Media industry in Bangladesh (both print and electronic one). Very recently Bangladesh film festival was held in the Indian cultural city of Kolkata from July 29 to July 31. The euphoria generated was immense. In this regard, The Asian Age, Dhaka, played prolific role which was really full of encomium and adulation. This writer being the only correspondent of the daily sent the report on July 27 which was uploaded by the AA two days after on July 29. This was brought to the notice of Bangladesh High Commission, New Delhi as well as Bangladesh Deputy High Commission, Kolkata. This way the daily is gradually gaining importance in Kolkata especially. In Kolkata, among the educated class, The Asian Age, Dhaka is very well known.

It is hereby my earnest wishes to The Asian Age, Dhaka, in its upcoming journey. Best wishes to Mr Soheb Chowdhury, Mrs Jesmin Chowdhury, Mr Al Amin Chowdhury, Mr Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury, Mr Sujan Mia etc various other members of the group. Also good wishes goes to writers associated with TAA. However massive ground work is required by the management. Especially whenever any important event takes place in New Delhi, if TAA deputes any representative from Kolkata, with sponsorship then popularity of the daily will accelerate further. Again best wishes goes to TAA for a brighter future. Along with Mahfouz, the contributions by Dr Chowdhury and Mr Selim Omrao Khan are really taken into account.

Sujayendra Das is a columnist
based in Kolkata, India.

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