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Mastul's Kazi Reaz Rahman stands beside thousands of people

Mastul's Kazi Reaz Rahman stands beside thousands of people
MASTUL Founder, Kazi Reaz Rahman is the beacon of hope for thousands of marginalized people. To establish this goal of beautiful Bangladesh, MASTUL Foundation’s Founder Mr Kazi Reaz Rahman is tirelessly working for a longer time. Either he is taking responsibility for the marginalized children, standing next to the accident victims, or even courageously  working as the front-line warrior against Covid-19 and several crises.

 Therefore, MASTUL Foundation is now very popular as a trustable humanitarian organisation to everyone. This charitable organisation’s main vow is to uplift the life of the underprivileged community by making them a chance for employment.
The way this journey began:

Once Mr Reaz had a fascination with music. During his university days, he had a memorable encounter
 while singing at Rabindra Sarobar. He met with a couple of street children there. They loved Mr Reaz for
 his charming behaviour and one day they demanded some books and pens from him. Armed with some
 books and a box of crayons, Kazi Riaz Rahman ventured to fulfil the needs of around five or six of these
children. As he arrived, he was met with the hopeful gazes of nearly 40 children who had been eagerly

 Suddenly this innovative man got a new idea. Without thinking further, he established a mobile school at
 Rabindra Sarobar for these street children. Through this consistency, officially the journey of the MASTUL
 Foundation began on his birthday, October 19, 2012.

 Currently, MASTUL Foundation operates its own school, madrasa, and shelter home that includes more
than a hundred orphan and destitute children both resident and non-resident. Besides this, on several
 districts’ project schools up to a thousand students are getting free stationaries and nutritional foods. Also,
 they are always under supervision to ensure their all fundamental rights. Apart from this, sewing training
centres and computer training centres are playing a massive role to empower marginalized people
 through skill development.
Beyond this, the “Zakat Empowerment Project” has helped almost 800 individuals to be self-reliant. To
 ensure the last rites in a proper religious way, dead body bathing and burial service is also going on.
 Through this project, up to 3000 dead bodies are buried from the Covid-19 pandemic. Beyond this
MASTUL Foundation is providing free ambulance service for poor patients and working to raise
 awareness regarding health issues.

 MASTUL Mehmankhana, a special guest house is another unique initiative. Here almost hundreds of
 people with lower income grades can enjoy a decent meal free of cost.

Mr Kazi Reaz added: “we may face thousand of obstacles. But except for taking these challenges, we cannot get our desired success. Initially, I started the journey of MASTUL through my family's support. But after a certain time later, I faced a massive level
 of financial crisis.

 Even we could not manage the office rent and got notice to leave the building. In the pursuit of grants and
 support, we visited the door-to-door of several institutions. The situation got worsened when the Covid-19
 pandemic began. The amount of donations was almost zero. At that time we thought:

There was no single hope left. But the plan of Almighty Allah was a bit different. Still, during the Covid-19 crisis, we
 stood next to thousand of people. Personally engaging in the cleansing and burial of those who
 succumbed to the virus. All of these activities were only to satisfy the Almighty Allah and for the
 unconditional love towards the nations. In recognition of this effort, MASTUL Foundation achieved the
 Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020.”

 The upcoming Journey:

What will be the contribution of the MASTUL Foundation in future? In response to this, Kazi Reaz Rahman mentioned that everything is according to the will of the Almighty Allah. We can only strive to carry out our actions. Insha'Allah (God willing), we will strive to align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to eradicating poverty, ending hunger, ensuring good health, promoting quality education, achieving gender equality, providing clean water and sanitation, reducing inequalities, and empowering women.  The purpose of these overall initiatives is to contribute 0.5% to the country's GDP by the MASTUL:s  50th anniversary in 2062.

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