Published:  12:06 AM, 15 September 2023

Into the realme of a new era

Into the realme of a new era

realme is called youth-favorite for a reason.Starting from the brand's core strategy to devising innovation plan for the users, everything is focused on the youth. To best analyze the vibe and feel of the young users and integrate those into their brand strategy for better outputs that will serve the youth in the most comprehensible way, realme has a young startup team which is true to the original aspirations of the youth.

From a new player to the fastest growing smartphone brand, realme's phenomenal journey was backed by leap-forward missions, leading the brand to achieve 100 million sales in just three years. While breaking the industry standard is the new norm for realme, this youth-favorite brand is constantly improvising itself and aligning those improvisations with the brand's core ideas to pursue perfection.

That's why, realme, as a brand, doesn't believe that there should be a ceiling to aspirations. Driven by an urge to challenge the impossible, realme has adopted 'Spire Strategy'with a concentrated focus on long-term growth for offering something worthy to the young smartphone users. A new brand proposition, realme's Spire Strategyis built on a tower with a spire and three bases. The Spire symbolizes one major leap forward technology, supported by three bases representing Design, Performance and Experience. Under this plan, there will be significant and noticeable improvements across any of the six major technology fields of charging, photography, display, gaming, chipset and industrial design for enhancing smartphone experience of the users.

In continuation of its consistent efforts to amp up user experience and on the occasion of its five-year anniversary, realme is now bringing in yet-another brand motto embedded in its five-year 'Leap-Forward Climbing Plan'. Also known as Leap Up, three pillars of the Spire Strategy will be taken to a newer level for adding feathers to smartphone users' experience. This plan is based on four pillars -develop leap-forward technology faster than any other brand, focus on young people aged between 18-25, insist on creating high-quality products for leap-forward performance and drive innovation with the R&D concept 'One More Step' to promote the progress of the industry. The whole idea is to keep pursuing the road to excellence for coming up with breakthrough innovations for adding new dimensions to three frontiers (design, performance and experience).

To achieve this aim, realme will stick to 'simply better strategy' for developing the best-in-class products in terms of hardware, software, design, price and comprehensive expensive, putting the young users at the core. realme will be binding comprehensive innovations and leading experience in one single thread to make sure that the youth always have the inspiration at their disposal in the form of realme devices that will encourage them to break barriers and take the leap in their lives. To put it in layman's terms, 'no leap, no launch'. 

The next five years are crucial for not only this brand but also the fans across the world. Because this time the journey is not about realme itself, but about all the users and fans who will be given leaps irrespective of their backgrounds to take their lives to newer heights. Apart from the plan to reach global top five spot within the next five years, realme will keep pushing its boundaries to empower the young users riding on the thrust provided by 'Leap Up' plan.

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