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How India Evaluates the Upcoming Election in Bangladesh

How India Evaluates the Upcoming Election in Bangladesh
Parliamentary election of People's Republic of Bangladesh is just knocking at the door. It is both India and Bangladesh will hold their respective national elections closely. Within a span of four months. It is significant for restoration of peace and tranquility in both nations. Now coming to Bangladesh Parliamentary elections, it is the 12th one of such. Entire globe is keeping close eye about the happenings prior to Bangladesh Parliamentary elections. About my evaluation about upcoming election of that nation. It is perceived by this writer that a tensed election is expected around the corner. There is a severe scuffling between ruling and opposition forces. Total number of parliamentary seats of upcoming election is 350. Among the above, 50 seats goes to women candidates. Now we find that the women are given preference to take part in parliamentary governance. This is indeed a good sign as per our clarion call for ensuring women’s empowerment concerned. There is a confusion among some sections of Bangladeshi societies. That India is deeply concerned about Bangladesh’s internal matters. In reality let me confess that we are not at all of that type. India always wish to have brotherly and cordial relations with Bangladesh. During the tenure of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Manmohan Singh as Prime Ministers of this vast nation. Later on during the current regime Prime Minister Narendra Modi possess warm regards and cordiality towards Bangladesh. Modi always feel that under the dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina Wazed as Prime Minister. The country is marching slowly and steadily towards growth and prosperity. The government of India henceforth sincerely cherish that peaceful elections should be held in Bangladesh during the beginning of next year. After couple of months from Bangladesh Parliamentary election, Indian Parliamentary election is likely to be held (most probably during the month of May 2024.). Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is the humble task of this writer from India to evaluate upcoming Bangladeshi election from close quarters.

India and Bangladesh possess a historical and cordial relations between two nations. Once upon a time it was under British colonization. After 1947 both became separated on the aftermath of partition. Now Bangladesh has progressed to skyrocketing levels in all fields in parallel with global standards. Under the dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina Wazed, this nation of South Asian Sub-Continent is marching ahead with pride and glory.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur, very well known as father of the nation of Bangladesh as well as most revered Bengalis of past thousand years. Aimed to show a new path of excellence and prosperity for Bangladesh. Though some problems the nation faces. But tacit diplomacy of Sheikh Hasina Wazed in joint association with Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, it is sincerely cherished there will be free and peaceful general elections in Bangladesh. Government of India has already alerted border areas of West Bengal attached with that nation to maintain strict vigilance. The objective behind it is that no untoward violence takes place during the January election in Bangladesh.

Ruling force in Bangladesh is alert about the election. Same also opposition parties. Though the opposition forces does not reflect punch in their efforts. In a modern democratic set up there should be fullest participation from opposition bench. In both India and Bangladesh there is not participation noticeable by opposition ones. Then how could we evaluate Bangladeshas a democratic nation. Same scenario is noticeable in neighboring India.

In Bangladesh, just like India, there is a tendency on the part of opposition forces to blame the ruling forces. This I find it absolutely illogical. It is both ruling parties and opposition parties in a modern democracy like Bangladesh to work cohesively for nation’s macro development.

In perspective to upcoming parliamentary elections in Bangladesh during January. There are lot of expectations from 18 crores citizens of the nation. It is for the past couple of months or during the past one and half years. We find that there has been severe jostling between ruling parties and opposition parties, which has created phobia among common citizens. Economic crisis during the Covid-19 phase was at its peak. Now things might have improved. But not as per desired expectations. Thus the expectations of common citizens of Bangladesh are stated as such,
Sound and peaceful governance.

Economic growth should be accelerated to dizzy heights.
Law and order position should be absolutely calm and cool.
The noble legacies of Bangabandhu should be hold aloft to greater heights.
Communal harmony should be given proper emphasize.
Relationship with closer nations should be given top priority.

During the just concluded G-20 Summit, Bangladesh has earned wide international acclaim. Though Narendra Modi has played pivotal roles in this regard. But the way Sheikh Hasina Wazed as Prime Minister of Bangladesh has spearheaded her astute diplomatic maneuvering. Hence the reason for Bangladesh earning such a wide angle across international communities. But one point has highly distressed me. Why there has been so much of foreign interference in Bangladesh elections. US has been heavily pinprick to Bangladesh right from the days of country’s liberation struggle. The nation even conferred upon Bangladesh as a nation of ‘bottomless basket’. Also European Union and Russian Federation has expressed too much curiosity upon Bangladesh. It is welcomed to some extent, but not always. Independence of any modern and updated democracy should be accorded top priority for the growth and development of Bangladesh.

As per the economy of Bangladesh is concerned, during the Covid-19 period was in dire straits. During the current financial year (2023-2024), things have started showing signs of prosperity. The government of Bangladesh is sincerely trying for resuscitation of the economy. It has paid dividend, more is expected to come up soon. As per the data available with me for the year 2022, the GDP per capita income of the nation was $ 2800. It is estimated to rise up to $ 4000 GDP per capita within the year 2031.

Evaluation of Bangladesh is not over in a day. As science and technology is progressing at a faster pace. Same way economy of the globe is also progressing. Bangladesh also should progress accordingly as per global standard. This is the correct path by which India evaluates upcoming Bangladesh election. What is presumed that pride and prestige of Bangladesh should be upgraded in such a manner. That does not motivate global superpowers to express too much curiosity. Independence of Bangladesh along with aesthetic sense of Liberation Struggle of the nation should be held aloft always. Leaving aside the liberation struggle issue, economy of the nation should be paid top priority by the government. The nation has to slog in for further develop and excellence in economic and other fields of excellence.

Summing up my above discourses, one point is crystal clear on my mind. That upcoming election in the nation will be free and fair. There should not be any hostilities between ruling and opposition parties. Governance should be managed in such a manner. So that Bangladesh earn adulations from all cross the globe. India no doubt is keeping close vigil on the upcoming election. Last but not the least. I express concern and cordiality about Bangladeshi citizens.

Sujayendra Das is a columnist
based in Kolkata, India.

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