Published:  01:12 AM, 19 September 2023

"Colleagues don't keep track even if they are sick"

Veteran actress Rehana Jolly started working on the silver screen with the help of director Kamal Ahmed. He made his debut on the silver screen in 1985. Although it started as a heroine through the movie 'Ma O Mukky'. The actress won the National Film Award in her first film. But her journey as a heroine was not very long. In a short time she established herself as a mother on screen.

She surprising thing is that she later played the role of the mother of the heroes opposite the heroines. But for a long time, this talented actress is confined at home due to illness. Recently, he had a detailed discussion on various issues with Manavzamin. You are out of action due to illness.

Have your colleagues or film artists association contacted you at this time? Rehana Jolly said what will happen after hearing the sad story. The life of artists is indeed full of sorrow.

Especially when an artist is sick or in danger, his colleagues do not keep track. My question to you is especially for whose welfare Shilpi Samiti works. At present, those who are in various positions in this committee are busy with their promotions. People from all over the country watch their antics online. Rehana Jolly also said, "When I first fell ill, it was a serious condition. At that time, none of the people I worked with, whom I considered my family members, inquired about me. But I am forever indebted to two people.

They are director GM Saikat and actress Shahanur. These two took me to the Hon'ble Prime Minister. Hon'ble Prime Minister gave me a grant. Talking about her illness, Rehana Jolly said, “The disease I am living with today is a long-term treatment and expensive. Today I am desperate to meet the medical expenses with the donation money.

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