Published:  01:12 AM, 19 September 2023

Omar Sani has a different take on commodity prices

Omar Sani has a different take on commodity prices
The government dictates what ordinary people should eat. Give us a list of food, what will we eat - the state can't do it. Omar Sani, the once popular hero of the country's films, posted such a post on Facebook this Sunday morning. When contacted to inquire about the reason behind such a post, he told Prothom Alo, "The price of all the daily necessities is beyond the control of common people. How will people survive? what to eat It was not like that. Why did this happen? I wrote under compulsion.

Omar Sani thinks that he can no longer go and say the words in public. That is the only place to inform him. own facebook There he spoke about all his realizations. Once popular hero Omar Sani is not regular in acting now. Agree to act only if you get the desired story. Sani has now launched a restaurant called 'Chapwala'. Engaged himself in business. While doing this business, he realized more deeply the fact that the prices of daily necessities are increasing by leaps and bounds.

The first question to Omar Sani was, how old is this understanding of yours? What he said in reply is, 'It has been a long time. The menu that I made at the beginning of the restaurant business for 32 taka, within five to six months now it has gone to 70-75. I cannot sell Indian beef. Country beef should be given. Because, what I cannot eat myself, I cannot feed other people. From where I used to get beef from Baddar, it was 550 taka a kg in the beginning, now it has stood at 800 taka a kg!'

Umar Sani said in words, "Sad but true, Allah has given us hilsa fish." It does not need to be cultivated. Much like the Shalban of Gazipur. We are two earning people, if we have to calculate so much, what is the condition of the common people of this country! I feel restless just thinking about it. Suffocation occurs. Once fifty fish was the poor man's food. cheap The price of that pangas is now out of control, above Tk 200 per kg.

On the other hand, if you go to Kolkata, you can get one hilsa for 1000 rupees. The hilsa that is born here, we will get it at the price of pearl fish, right? But what is happening, the price of hilsa is like fire, can not be given! If the mangoes of my country Rajshahi are to be bought in America for 20 dollars, then it can be accepted.

Because I am eating in America. It's normal, I understand that too. But it is not at all that we do not understand anything. As citizens of a free country, the basic necessities that we should have within the general purchasing power are out of control. Why!'

What has it been realized going into the restaurant business? On such a question, Omar Sani said, "It is not like that at all." We also earn and eat. We have to go to the market. We have a family. Our source of income is nothing else. We have to eat with what we earn by working. have to go If we have to calculate that! By the grace of Allah we have not counted in the last 25 years. God has given the ability. gone But I have been calculating for two to three years. I'm counting.

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