Published:  04:16 PM, 05 October 2023

'Parliya Herbal' with natural solutions for skin and hair care

'Parliya Herbal' with natural solutions for skin and hair care
Nowadays everyone is somewhat concerned about grooming. In this regard, all men and women are more or less worried. But Parliya Herbal is playing a very important role in Bangladesh to eliminate this worry.

Sunburn due to strong sun or dust outside causes a lot of damage to skin and hair every day. To avoid this, people resort to various cosmetics, most of which are synthetic chemicals. As a result, instead of benefiting the skin, the share of damage is more. Anika Tahsin Shadia the owner of Parliya Herbal, came to solve this problem. All kinds of skin and hair care products made with whole herbal ingredients.

Anika Tahsin , the founder of Parliya Herbal, worked in various positions of responsibility in various reputed organizations before founding Shadia. She even held the position of operational manager and skin care trainer in the world famous multinational company Unilever Project. It was during her stay that she became interested in working with skin and hair care. Then this budding entrepreneur made his debut when the world came to a standstill in the lockdown of Covid-19.

The specialty of Parliya Herbal is that all its products are made with 100% herbal ingredients at home. Herbal face pack for skin, face wash, face cream and even herbal shampoo for hair, herbal pack etc. products can be easily found at Parliya Herbal. The products are made with great care from manufacturing to packaging. Also Anika Tahsin herself informs the consumers about the qualities of her products through live every day.

A completely legally established and managed company, Parliya Herbal has been building a place of trust among consumers for the past six years. One step at a time, Parliya Herbal's Facebook page is now a family of one lakh followers. Currently, more than two thousand customers are regularly purchasing products from Parliya Herbal. However, Anika Tahsin had to face a lot of adversity to build the credibility of the herbal solution product due to the overnight results mentality of the users. She always had her husband by her side.

Anika Tahsin said women can do anything they want. All you need is will power and patience. And the main thing to do business that many people do not understand is; she does not have proper knowledge about what she wants to do business with. So many businesses cannot be successful.
My advice is purely personal, whatever one works on, she should proceed with full knowledge of that sector.

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