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Krishi Bioscope – The Beacon of hope for young agri entrepreneurs

Krishi Bioscope – The Beacon of hope for young agri entrepreneurs

Talha Zubair Masror a young Agriculture officer has created a lighthouse of hope for young agricultural entrepreneurs and is guiding thousands of young agricultural entrepreneurs through his innovative initiative- “Krishi Bioscope”. His initiative "Krishi Bioscope" is also notable for its contribution to the transformation of traditional agriculture into commercial agriculture." Talha has created a platform for educated young people to learn modern agricultural practices and techniques.

Going beyond the traditional methods of long-standing agricultural practices, the initiative utilizes information and communication technology and the success of digital Bangladesh to create an innovative effort to provide easy agricultural information services and modern agricultural technology dissemination at a lower cost and in less time. Agriculture Bioscope has become a center for urgent agricultural information needs. Through various social communication media, rapid dissemination of agricultural technology is being established, creating a bond among the agriculture enthusiasts in the same way. By availing the information services and advice on Agriculture Bioscope's digital platform, not only new commercial farms are being established, but also the desire to take up agriculture as a respected and profitable profession among educated youth is being created. Overall, "Agriculture Bioscope" is one of the most popular digital platforms in Bangladesh for citizens to receive agricultural information and advisory services.

Marina Zaman Momi, after finishing her studies, gathered 10 friends and started a farming project called "Friends Agro Planet". Last year, they earned nearly 3.5 million taka from this farm. Her dream of pursuing agriculture as a profession was sparked after watching the YouTube channel "Krishi Bioscope". She received training from the young agricultural entrepreneurs of Krishi Bioscope at the skill development workshop. Recently, the Agriculture Minister Dr. M Abdur Razzak visited her farm in Chuadanga Sadar Upazila and said, "It is a very encouraging news that educated young people are getting involved in agriculture. To succeed in modernizing, commercializing, and mechanizing agriculture, it is necessary for young agricultural entrepreneurs to take the lead."

Ahsanul Kabir Dhalim from Bogura, who is working on safe agriculture, has created a farming project called "Korshon". He has become self-reliant by growing various vegetables and fruits and raising livestock. He has also helped create employment opportunities for 25 more people. Sadi Mohammad from Savar, Ahsanul Islam Don from Jhenaidah, Tarikul Islam from Khulna, Abdul Kader Sohan from Chuadanga, Tauhidul Alam from Fotikchhari in Chittagong, Sajal Ahmed from Jibannagar, AR Mamun from Nilphamari, Farhana Aktar from Madaripur, and countless educated young men and women who have become successful agri-entrepreneurs and whose inspiration is Talha Jubair Masrur and his agricultural bioscope.

"The initiative of "Krishi Bioscope" is an extraordinary addition to the prevalent trend of agricultural expansion programs. The journey of the digital agricultural extension initiative "krishi Bioscope" started in 2017 under the "A2i" project. The main objective of this digital agricultural expansion initiative is to contribute to the development of agriculture by promoting and inspiring the new and enthusiastic entrepreneurs through the adoption of emerging communication media such as video images and information technology on Facebook and YouTube, which showcase the real success stories of successful agricultural ventures. The specific goal of this initiative is to disseminate modern agricultural technologies to all categories of farmers through an open digital platform and networking. The production of commercial high-value crops is stimulated by creating videos of successful agricultural ventures and innovative agricultural technologies. The digital platform and social media are used to improve the marketing and transportation of commercial agriculture. To reach the farmers of successful rural Bangladesh, the Rural Integrated Farmers Development Association and the Digital Agricultural Club and Agricultural Library have been established.

The subscriber of “Krishi Bioscope” on YouTube has now reached nearly 642,000. Around 340 videos have been displayed here, viewed by more than 88 million people. The verified Facebook page "Krishi Bioscope" has more than 250,000 followers. Combined, the videos have been viewed more than 200 million times. In the past five years, the YouTube channel "Krishi Bioscope" has made unprecedented strides. This video channel has become a center of shelter for urgent agricultural information. According to the channel's source, rapid agricultural technologies are being spread among agricultural enthusiasts through various social media, creating a common bond.

The expected change in agriculture for the overall development of Bangladesh requires the expansion of commercial agriculture. Agricultural workers, particularly those in the rural areas, have taken their own initiatives outside of their government responsibilities to work towards this goal. Specifically, educated young agricultural entrepreneurs from all districts of the country have already started efforts to connect themselves to a digital platform, which has shown early signs of success. With the support and inspiration of these efforts, numerous commercial farms have been established in the agricultural sector. The digital platform, Krishi Bioscope, is currently a vital source of information and inspiration for farmers, particularly for those engaged in rooftop gardening and urban agriculture."Through millions of followers and subscribers on Facebook and YouTube, they are becoming prosperous and skilled by utilizing new videos on a regular basis, which is leading them to consider farming as a profession, and they are benefiting economically and socially. The role of agriculture in presenting a respectable and profitable profession is highlighted in the scope of agriculture. In particular, educated young people are undertaking agricultural projects, which are freeing them from the curse of unemployment. Rather than being unemployed, they are becoming entrepreneurs and creating employment opportunities for others.

On this topic, Talha said: “The journey of a digital agriculture expansion initiative, "Krishi Bioscope," began in 2017 as an innovative project under the "A2i" project. The biggest challenge of agriculture in Bangladesh is to spread modern agricultural technologies among farmers because the majority of them are uneducated or illiterate. "Seeing is believing" principle is put into practice using ICT and digital media to spread modern agricultural technologies among farmers and entrepreneurs in Bangladesh in a cost-effective and timely manner. Therefore, "Krishi Bioscope" started as a digital agriculture extension initiative to effectively disseminate modern agricultural technologies among farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.In our journey towards agricultural development, despite numerous successful achievements, we constantly face various problems or obstacles. Among these obstacles, the most pressing issues are ensuring the resilience to climate change, improving and safeguarding soil health, addressing the unique challenges of agricultural labor, achieving investment accessibility, and addressing the farmer's inefficiency in producing marketable agricultural products. The top priority now is to find solutions to these issues.  Ensuring the satisfaction of farmers, consumers, and market actors by ensuring fair prices for agricultural products is crucial. We are currently working towards finding solutions to all these problems, leveraging modern technology and the success of Digital Bangladesh, with the ultimate goal of achieving sustainable development and prosperity for Bangladesh by 2030 and building a prosperous Bangladesh by 2041. This great initiative constantly inspires us.”

Under the initiative of Krishi Bioscope, 10 batches of training have been provided to a total of 400 educated young agricultural entrepreneurs for skill development. Among these 400 individuals, 312 have established their own commercial agricultural farms. These farms have created employment opportunities for more than 3,000 people, with an average of 10 people employed per farm. In addition, thousands of people have taken up agriculture as a profession after watching videos on new high-value crops, technology, and success stories, but their number and names are unknown. From small-scale farmers to medium and large-scale farmers, as well as agricultural entrepreneurs and even happy rooftop gardeners, all have benefited from the video information of Agriculture Bioscope. Many people have been inspired by watching videos on agricultural bioscope and have established commercial agricultural farms. They have created gardens on their verandas and rooftops. Many are seeking agricultural advice over the phone and through direct communication from different parts of the country and beyond. For example, a video about potato/tree potato cultivation has been watched by nearly 24 million people in the past six months. In addition, videos on modern methods of dragon fruit cultivation (ultra-high-density), baromasikatimon mango, barimasi seedless lemon, Balasundarikul cultivation, etc. have led to the establishment of over 5,000 mixed fruit orchards across the country. The verified page of Agricultural Bioscope has its own call center through which free agricultural services are being provided. These agriculture bioscope videos are not only used on social media, but are also shown throughout the country for farmer training at evening agricultural shows, fairs, and seminars. These videos feature agricultural experts from both within and outside the country, providing their opinions and advice. The information obtained from farmers and agricultural experts is mostly credible, making it easy for farmers and agriculture entrepreneurs to understand.

These “krishi bioscope” videos are not only used on social media, but are also shown throughout the country for farmer training at evening agricultural shows, fairs, and seminars. These videos feature agricultural experts from both within and outside the country, providing their opinions and advice. The information obtained from farmers and agricultural experts is mostly credible; making it easy for farmers and agriculture entrepreneurs to understand the expected change in agriculture for the overall development of Bangladesh is the expansion of commercial agriculture.

Talha, an agriculture officer from the rural area of the country, outside of his government responsibilities, has taken initiatives on his own to implement various programs, especially connecting all educated young agricultural entrepreneurs from every district of the country to a digital platform. This initiative has already started to show success as numerous commercial farms have been established with the inspiration and collaboration of “krishi Bioscope.” The digital platform is currently the source of information and inspiration for many rooftop and urban farmers.

Talha Zubair Masroor is the founder and director of a digital agriculture dissemination initiative called "Krishi Bioscope". He plans, conceptualizes, and edits the video content himself. Through his contribution to digital content creation and agriculture dissemination, he has established a shining example of agricultural development in the efforts to build a prosperous Bangladesh. He was awarded the Bongobondhu National Agriculture Award (Gold Medal) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh's independence and the birth centenary of Bangabandhu for his valuable contribution in 2021. Previously, he received the VSO-Prothom Alo Volunteer Service (Agriculture) Award 2019 for his relentless work for the society, country, and development. In addition, he was recognized as the best government employee among the officials of the Khulna division by the A2i organized by the Prime Minister's Office in 2017. The International organization, Cornell Alliance for Science, working on the principle of a hunger-free world, has recognized five young personalities from across the globe, who are bringing changes in global agriculture through their relentless efforts. Talha Zubair Masroor from Bangladesh is one of the five recognized for his contribution.

Talha is currently serving as the Project Director of the new project titled "Establishment and Development of Tissue Culture Laboratory and Horticulture Center" under the Ministry of Agriculture. The project aims to train educated young entrepreneurs, enabling them to adopt agriculture as a profitable profession by utilizing modern technologies like tissue culture for enhanced crop yields.

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