Published:  08:21 AM, 24 November 2023

Ways to Drive Out Pollution: An Analysis on It

Ways to Drive Out Pollution: An Analysis on It
Pollution in modern age is a talked about issue across the globe. It not only damages environment but along with it human health is also involved into it. The reason behind the havocking pollution is that due to burgeoning population. If concentration of people converge in any nation, or major cities of the globe. Then there lies every possibility for the massive occurrence of pollution. Whenever pollution converge in any part of the globe, then there arise worries and anxieties among citizens of the globe. The moot point behind my column is that how to drive out menace of pollution. The first and foremost part to be noted is that neatness and cleanliness aspect. It is followed by excess smoking and chewing of various kinds of tobacco leaves. First of all smoking is responsible for the massive occurrence of pollution. In the countries under European and American continents we find that pollution occurs, not regularly, but sometimes. What happens in those nations is that governance are so tough and stringent. Speedy action is taken by the government of those nations. So that menace of pollution can be easily overcome. Not only the governance is tough along with it police personnel are fully committed in this regard. While throwing light about South Asian perspective, it is found that the situations around Sub-Continent, the situations are in a dreary state of affairs. In this regard I focus upon two closer and cordial South Asian Sub-Continent nations, India and Bangladesh, in concurrence to my column.  Also for the cognizance of some of my online readers I feel that there should be utmost transparency on my part to state what actually the term, ‘pollution’ is referred to in common parlance. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble responsibility to throw light about the above issue.
Before I delve into details, let me state for the cognizance of my online readers that what actually the term ‘Pollution’ is referred to in common man’s parlance. Thus the said term has been defined as such. That indicates amount of any substance or form of energy which gets mixed with the environment at a faster rate. It can be dispersed or safely stored in any matter. The term ‘Pollution’ is comparable with the following elements, such as artificial and natural materials. Apart from the above, pollution is also deeply linked with light and noise pollution.

Now coming to the types of pollution, I find there might be several of such. Among all there are five of such, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, light pollution and noise pollution.

Coming to the key focusing areas on how to drive out the menace of pollution. Among all some of the common ones are stated as such, recycling process, proper treatment of water and toxic waste, erasing of waste water treatment, solid waste management, controlling noise pollution, put an end to excessive lighting, less usage of plastic materials, arresting the menace of smoking bidis and cigarettes etc.

By now my revered online readers must have had understood what the logic behind writing this column is. Very recently we have noted in the Indian capital city New Delhi about the recent occurrence of population hazards. On account of the menace of population hazards it has been noted by the civil societies of India and other parts of the globe. On account of the above, all academic institutions of New Delhi as well as that of adjoining areas had been declared closed. Now things are well under control. Due to kind courtesy Delhi Government.

As my column will be read out by citizens of India and Bangladesh. It is high time for the citizens of both nations to take utmost care about the issue to prevent pollution. Apart from the other ways to prevent pollution, we must focus upon some more factors like neatness, throwing away dust and garbage in different bins within our apartment, in different vats in main thoroughfares and finally most important of all emphasise pm greenies. In this regard, the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Waved played pivotal roles in beautification of Dhaka city. In India, Delhi government always takes stern measures to prevent pollution to safeguard human health.

Now coming to the names of ailments which triggers different ailments due to pollution. Starting from air pollution we find that there arise occurrence of following ailments which are stated as such, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurological disorders, kidney diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney diseases, liver diseases, skin diseases and asthma.

Due to water pollution, the following diseases are of occurrence which are detrimental to health. The diseases which occur are stated as such, typhoid, giardiasis, hookworm, ascariasis etc.

The diseases which occurs due to land pollution are similar to those occurs due to air pollution.

Basically what we can interpret is that apart from government, different non-governmental agencies of both nations should take an active part to overcome or eradicate pollution. Along with NGO’s the citizens also have to play proactive roles so that pollution in this earth should not occur. For example, when there is any festive moment in India or religious festivals, we find that crackers get burst badly which badly aggravates acute sound pollution. Due to the sound pollution human health especially audibility of human beings get badly retarded. Along with it we find that there arise severe acceleration of air pollution. This is not at all tolerable. Somehow or rather this has to be arrested at any cost.

Sujayendra Das is a columnist
based in Kolkata, India.

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