Published:  06:58 PM, 26 November 2023

Mystery Pneumonia Outbreak in China Raises, Global Concerns

Mystery Pneumonia Outbreak in China Raises, Global Concerns File Photo
In a development reminiscent of the early days of the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, a mysterious outbreak of pneumonia cases in China has garnered international attention, with concerns escalating due to reports of overwhelmed hospitals, sick children, and government censorship.

Children Struggle as Hospitals Overflow

Since mid-October, a surge in pediatric pneumonia cases has swept through various regions in China, leaving hospitals struggling to cope with the influx of infected children. Reports suggest that medical staff have also been affected, echoing the challenges faced during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disturbingly, numerous social media posts reveal the severity of the situation, with parents silenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from publicly sharing their concerns.

International Alarms Raised

The World Health Organization (WHO) and ProMED, a global disease surveillance system, have expressed deep concern over the escalating situation. On November 22, the WHO officially requested detailed information from China regarding the outbreak, emphasizing the urgency of transparent communication to address the rising respiratory illnesses among children.

ProMED, known for its pivotal role in alerting the world to the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 in 2019, issued a notification on November 21, highlighting an epidemic of “undiagnosed pneumonia” in Chinese children. The organization’s history of timely alerts underscores the potential seriousness of the current situation.

Censorship and Secrecy Surrounding Outbreak

Chinese authorities have claimed that various respiratory pathogens, including COVID-19, influenza, and mycoplasma pneumonia virus, are contributing to mixed respiratory infections. However, reports from inside China indicate a different narrative, with parents being prevented from speaking out about their children’s illnesses.

Numerous videos circulating on social media depict overcrowded hospitals in major cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai, with reports of parents struggling to secure medical appointments for their ailing children. Allegations of deleted news related to children’s deaths in hospitals add to the growing concerns.

International Response and Call for Transparency

The international community has begun to react to the unfolding crisis. The United States Ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, tweeted a call for transparency and cooperation from Beijing. The tweet emphasized that abandoning COVID deception and delays is imperative, stressing the importance of full cooperation with the international community in order to save lives.

As the situation continues to evolve, the world anxiously awaits China’s response to the WHO’s request for information and hopes for a transparent and collaborative effort to address the growing health crisis.

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