Published:  08:04 AM, 05 December 2023

I will release the unreleased songs of Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul: Rizvi

I will release the unreleased songs of Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul: Rizvi Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul
Singer Rizvi Wahid. Along with several popular songs in Bengali modern songs, It has created a great space among the audience with spectacular music videos. He was loved by eminent musician Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul. Talked about recent songs and his career.

 Q: Most of your songs have become popular duets. Is there any special reason?

A: No, because I sang love songs. The audience also accepted it. So I did the duet songs. I myself, as a listener, love to listen and sing sweet love songs.

Q: Even though you are involved in different business, you have not left the song. In this case, which subject is the most drawn?

A: I have been learning music since childhood. I learned piano in staff notation for a long time. Music is my passion. So no matter what I do for a living, I don't give up on music. I have always treated it differently as I will never compromise with the song. I appeared in the audience with a good song, beautiful video. The love I got from the audience is difficult to measure with anything else.

Rizvi Wahid

Q: You had a close relationship with legendary musician Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul. He looked at you like a boy. used to love Want to hear about him?

A: Talking about him will not end. He was one of the guardians of my Dhaka city. He gave great advice on anything. I think if he lived for another 10/15 years, our industry would have benefited a lot. I still have several unreleased tracks on his tunes. There are plans to release them.

Q: Did you face any problems in the beginning in terms of duets?

A: In the beginning everyone has trouble singing a duet with an established artiste. Many of the newbies don't want to sing. In that case I would say all my co-artists were very supportive. And the favorite list is very long. Whose name shall I name, Nancy, Shubmita, Kana and many other names.

Q: Your music videos are very different and special. In that case, give an experience of doing these things?

A: I have worked with many people in Bangladesh. Many producers have turned their careers around because of my music work. Talking about the experience, I remember an interesting incident. Once we went out to shoot in Sydney, Australia with the permission of the concerned authorities. Large zone permission granted. So everyone including our camera crew is spot on. I went and saw some huge lorries. So we thought maybe the cars were parked on the beach to unload something. Since the permission is there, we ask for the lorries to be removed. Mehndi of our team saw a whole lorry full of hundreds of cameras, lights! I was shocked to see it. Later I came to know that the Hollywood movie 'Thor' is being shot there. Later we leave that zone and shoot in another zone.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming works?

A: Several songs are coming up. Bappa Majumdar, Masum's composition song is coming. A duet song with Shreya Ghosal is being planned.

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