Published:  08:20 PM, 31 December 2023

Silent pandemic

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A recent study, published by the Asian Development Bank, highlights the alarming emergence of domestic violence as a silent pandemic in Pakistan, presenting a significant challenge to both society and the state. Pakistan has consistently ranked poorly on gender equality indices, experiencing a sharp increase in violence against women and girls in recent years. This surge in violence is rooted in deeply ingrained patriarchal and misogynistic ideologies and norms. Rather than dismantling these harmful ideas, influential figures, including politicians, perpetuate them by making sexist and misogynistic remarks publicly.

The Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the worsening socioeconomic conditions in the country, has contributed to a notable rise in domestic violence. Men often perceive their spouses and other female relatives as convenient outlets for expressing their anger. The lack of robust social safety nets and challenging conditions at women’s rehabilitation and protection centres leaves women with limited options, compelling them to endure abusive situations. Additionally, barriers to women’s access to education and employment have further exacerbated the challenges faced by women. Law enforcement agencies and the community, by not intervening and reporting cases, have played a significant role in enabling domestic violence.

While women comprise a significant portion of the population, policymakers have largely overlooked the issue. Given the alarming increase in domestic violence and subsequent murders, relevant authorities must treat this as an emergency situation and implement prompt measures to address the issue. Different stakeholders must be involved to formulate policies and initiatives that are gender responsive and empower women. In addition to enhancing social protection and welfare for women, it is crucial to actively address and dismantle the misogynistic and patriarchal attitudes that foster and justify violence against women.

>> Source: The Express Tribune

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