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SEO & Bangladesh's Freelancing Market: Find Out What’s The Deal from Md Faruk Khan

SEO & Bangladesh's Freelancing Market: Find Out What’s The Deal from Md Faruk Khan
Md Faruk Khan, a well-known SEO specialist and trainer, talks about how he is working to push Bangladesh to the top of the SEO industry worldwide.

Right off the bat, what is SEO? What does it stand for?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how a business or website ranks or is shown at the top of search engines like Google.
Bangladesh sees many young people becoming involved in this sector through freelancing.

To better understand this sector and its impact in Bangladesh, we talked to a well-known and talented SEO specialist named Md Faruk Khan.

He is the CEO of Khan IT, one of Bangladesh's best SEO and digital marketing agencies. Additionally, he is an SEO trainer for 10 Minute School, an adjunct faculty member at UIU, and a course coordinator for the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

With over ten years of experience in the SEO and digital marketing sector in Bangladesh, he shares some of his insights about the current status of this industry.

Question 1: “What does Bangladesh's current SEO and Freelancing sector look like to you?”

According to Md Faruk Khan, the current situation of the SEO and Freelancing section looks very promising. He believes many more opportunities are available in the international and local markets.

Search Engine Optimization market size is growing at a fast pace, and it's set to go over USD 234.8 billion by 2030, according to Acumen Research and Consulting.

Overall, there are at least 10,50,000 active freelancers in Bangladesh, according to sources from the Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society (BFDS). A large number of them provide SEO services.

And this number is set to increase in the coming years.

As you can see, the statistics back up Md Faruk Khan’s statement quite strongly.

Question 2: “Do you believe there is enough demand for SEO in Bangladesh?”

Faruk Khan replied that there is a lot of demand for SEO freelancers in Bangladesh. He supports this statement because of the many students he has trained over the last few years and the constant demand he has heard about for more training opportunities.

Over the last few years, through various government and private training programs, Md Faruk Khan has trained over 7,000 individuals. Many of these students have become successful freelancers or SEO specialists.

Thanks to the rise in demand for SEO skilled people in the local market, a new job designation called SEO Specialist has been introduced in Bangladesh. So you can see why Md Faruk Khan says there is a lot of demand for SEO in Bangladesh.

Md Faruk Khan, both personally and through his company, Khan IT, has worked with some of the biggest companies in Bangladesh. Their list of prominent clients includes HATIL, Walton, IFAD Group, Islami Bank, and more.

These companies have seen a greater online presence once Khan IT and Faruk Khan have worked their magic through SEO and digital marketing practices.

Question 3: “With their SEO skill, how much do you think someone can earn?”

Starting with someone who just started their SEO career in Bangladesh may be earning somewhere between 15,000 to 20,000 BDT. With more skill and experience, their monthly salary can increase to around 50,000 BDT. And finally, the truly skilled SEO experts can earn over 1 lakh a month.

On the global market, the average hourly rate of SEO specialists can be between $20 to $150. The rate is dependent on their level of skill and work experience.

Dressing in the local and international markets is possible with patience and hard work.

Question 4: “What are your suggestions for learning SEO?”

There are many paths to learning SEO. Faruk Khan suggests going to Google first. Reading blogs and articles from reputable websites. Another big suggestion from him is to watch videos on YouTube.

Md Faruk Khan has a YouTube channel where he regularly posts videos discussing the various parts of SEO and digital marketing. He currently has over 80,000 subscribers. He freely shares his knowledge to get more and more people interested in the sector he loves.

Personal Life

Md Faruk Khan lives happily with his wife, Naima Akter, 5-year-old son Abdullah Khan, and 10-year-old daughter Ayesha Khan in Dhaka. He has lived in Dhaka for the last 13 years, but his home district is Khulna.

With our interview with Md Faruk Khan complete, we can see that the future of SEO and freelance marketing in Bangladesh is bright.
With proper training and guidance from an expert like Md Faruk Khan, anyone can thrive in this competitive and lucrative market from the comforts of their home.

Businesses in Bangladesh are also moving forward to integrate SEO practices in their marketing plan, seeing how effective they are in making their name spread.

Are you interested in this SEO field? If you are, get started because this might be your right field for a better future.

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