An Icon of Young Generation

Published:  03:04 PM, 28 January 2024

An Icon of Young Generation

An Icon of Young Generation
Eminent writer, researcher and columnist Emran Emon steps into 24 on 28 January this year. He was born on this day in 2000 in Fulgazi Upazila of Feni district. Emran Emon is ahead of his time in thoughts. He is always full of youthful energy and enthusiasm, a symbol of inspiration for the young generation. He used to write in the top dailies of the country since his school life. Although he started writing with poem, he is currently busy with writing essays, columns and editing.

Emran Emon writes regularly in top national dailies of the country. In his writings, the country and the nation, the country's crisis and possibilities are emerged. One of the subjects of his writing is youth. As he himself is young, the condition of the young generation come up in his writings. His uncompromising sharp and snappy writing quality captivates the conscious readers and provokes to think anew. So, whatever he writes is discussed across the country.

Late journalist and columnist Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury said about his writings, “Emon, I am a keen reader and observer of your writings. You can surpass many people in this country in a very short time, at a young age—that would be possible only because of the prudence of your thoughts. Remember, a promising writer never dies. I see that promising writer quality in you. My affection, love and best wishes to you always.”

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury's observation about Emran Emon has come true. His writings are ahead of his time. His articles are used as 'reference articles' in many universities. His articles are also used as 'reference articles' in various job and competitive exams including Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS). His writings are also discussed in TV talk-shows. Emran Emon has reached the international arena beyond the borders of the country. He has become the "Campus Hero" of Chittagong University, one of his articles has been archived at Charles Sturt University, Australia, his name has been added to the list of best writers in South Asia, he has also won the honor of being the "youngest columnist" in the country. US Foreign Policy magazine quotes Emran Emon as "Influential Regional Voice".

Emran Emon has crossed many eras in his merits and achievements even though he is equal to two eras in age. His life is colorful and full of potential—a life that is a source of inspiration for the younger generation. We wish him all the best. Happy Birthday!

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