Published:  07:03 PM, 06 June 2024

City Town Real Estate Offers Commission-Free Rentals in Dubai

City Town Real Estate Offers Commission-Free Rentals in Dubai
 In Dubai's competitive real estate market, Zubair, the visionary behind City Town Real Estate, is making waves. His mission to revolutionize the industry sees his company offering 0% commission on rental properties, setting new standards of service and value.

As an expat, Zubair understands the frustrations of relocating, where high commissions and hidden fees add stress. Motivated by these challenges, he envisioned a real estate company that prioritizes tenant needs with transparency, affordability, and exceptional service.

Founded with the tagline "Made by Expats for Expats," City Town Real Estate embodies Zubair’s dedication to the expat community. The company’s innovative 0% commission approach is groundbreaking in a market where high fees are the norm.

City Town Real Estate’s model integrates the commission into the rent price, ensuring tenants know exactly what they are paying for, with no hidden fees. This approach makes renting more affordable and builds client trust.

Zubair’s vision extends beyond eliminating commission fees. Under his leadership, City Town Real Estate offers services to ease the transition to living in Dubai, including- Utility Setup Assistance, Move-In Support, Maintenance and Support Services.

Zubair’s leadership, marked by integrity, market insight, and a passion for helping people, fosters a culture of transparency and customer-centric service. His team shares his vision and values.

City Town Real Estate’s 0% commission model is set to impact Dubai's real estate market significantly. Competitors are rethinking their fee structures, leading to better options for tenants. For Zubair, this is just the beginning. His goal is to set a new industry standard that prioritizes tenant needs and promotes fairness and transparency.

As City Town Real Estate grows, the future looks promising. The company is expanding its property portfolio, enhancing services, and exploring new ways to add value for clients. Zubair’s commitment to innovation ensures City Town Real Estate remains at the forefront of the industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence in Dubai.

For more information about City Town Real Estate and their 0% commission properties, visit or contact +971 55 664 1839. Discover a new way of renting in Dubai, where transparency, affordability, and exceptional service define the real estate experience.

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