Published:  08:10 PM, 06 June 2024

Baloch students demand urgent education reforms

Baloch students demand urgent education reforms Baloch Students Action Committee, BSAC (Image: EdexLive Desk)
Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC), a prominent student organisation from Balochistan, has sounded the alarm over the dismal state of education infrastructure in the region, branding it a blatant violation of the fundamental human right to education.

According to a statement released by BSAC, government and non-government literacy reports depict an alarming picture, with Balochistan’s literacy rate hovering between a mere 26 to 30 per cent, and female literacy virtually nonexistent.

Citing its own survey, BSAC revealed that over 80 per cent of schools in the province are either shuttered or dysfunctional, painting a grim reality of educational access for Balochistan’s youth. The committee’s concerns extend to higher education, where it likened the available facilities to “salt in the flour,” lamenting their inadequate provision in proportion to the region’s population, area, and resources.

Asserting education as an indispensable human right universally recognised, BSAC underscored the obligation of every state to provide equal educational opportunities to its citizens without discrimination. However, it lamented the stark disparities faced by Balochistan, attributing them to deliberate neglect and discriminatory policies perpetuated by Pakistan.

Highlighting Pakistan’s constitutional obligations under Article 25A, Article 37B and C, and Article 38D to ensure education and basic human necessities for all citizens, regardless of ethnicity or geographical location, BSAC condemned the persistent marginalisation of Balochistan’s populace.

It drew attention to the stark contrast between the plethora of universities in other regions compared to the meager nine functional universities in Balochistan, further underscoring the region’s educational neglect.

BSAC’s grievances were not limited to the lack of primary and secondary educational facilities but also extended to higher education. It lamented the state of Iskandar University in Khuzdar, which despite completion of its infrastructure in 2021, remains non-functional due to bureaucratic hurdles and political interference.

The organization decried the government’s apathy and vested interests hindering the university’s operation, decrying such actions as antithetical to educational progress.

In conclusion, BSAC urged immediate action to rectify the systemic disparities and injustices in Balochistan’s education sector, emphasising the urgency of providing equitable access to quality education for all Baloch citizens. 

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