The Untold Story of Boss Man Film

Published:  03:37 PM, 27 June 2024

The Untold Story of Boss Man Film

From Heart to Hustle Chasing Dreams, Leaving Footprints

Founded by seasoned veterans withalmost two decades of industry experience, Boss Man Film formerly known as FatMan Film wasn't born in a glass-walled skyscraper with spreadsheets andboardrooms; but from a shared heartbeat for lenses and stories, it sproutedwhere dreams took root: in the humble soil of passion. 


Harboring a deep aspiration forphotography and filmmaking with a pulse for narrative, Founder Saumitra Das,extensively experienced at the helm of creative communication, tech, anddigital marketing, was determined to etch this vision onto celluloid, frame byframe. Joining forces with Co-Founder Porni Mazumder, armed with a wealth ofexperience across diverse fields in creative industries, education, RMG andpeople development, they laid the foundation for a company with heart. Unitedby the dream of transforming a passion for visual storytelling into aprofession, their career trajectories converged into the inception of Boss ManFilm.

It wasn't just about creatingadvertisements; it was about forging memorable experiences that moved people,like cinematic brushstrokes painted with local nuances. Raising the bar withworld-class productions, Boss Man Film set unprecedented benchmarks in themarketing landscape of Bangladesh and beyond, proving that aesthetics weren'tjust embellishments, but the soul of storytelling. 

However, this relentless pursuit ofcreative excellence wasn't a solo act as they understood that service was ascrucial as spectacle. Recognizing the need for seamless solutions, Boss ManFilm integrated with Boss Man Digital became a pioneer, a one-stop shop forbrand magic. Being one of the only firms in Bangladesh to house both digitalmarketing and media production under one roof, they saved businesses time,money, and headaches, becoming the trusted alchemist of brand success.

Yet, the secret sauce came not onlyfrom expertise; but the unwavering ethical compass and professionalism woveninto every pixel and each line of code. Innovation dances with adaptability,transparency walks hand-in-hand with commitment, and integrity binds the teamas one.

From a fledgling team of 5, Boss ManFilm has blossomed into a 30-strong force, helping over 250 brands grow,including a roster of giants like Coca Cola, Nestle, Hyundai, Uber, ACI, AKIJ,Square, Pran and Pizza Hut.

Where stories take flight, brands soar,and the future of advertising unfolds, their journey is a testament to theimpact of a business built on passion, purpose, and hustle, driven by peoplewho believe that dreams, when chased with heart and soul, leave footprints thatinspire generations.

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