JnU Teachers work abstention Continues for the 7th day

Published:  06:13 PM, 07 July 2024

JnU Teachers work abstention Continues for the 7th day

JnU Teachers work abstention Continues for the 7th day
Bashir Shahriar,JnU Correspondent: The teachers of Jagannath University (JnU) have continued their sit-in and strike for the seventh day, demanding the cancellation of the universal pension scheme.

 On Sunday, July 7, the teachers of Jagannath University (JnU) staged a sit-in programme at the Shaheed Minar premises of the university from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. 

The teachers stated that the benefits of our university teachers have been cut off; it is unfair and an injustice. The university teachers do not want to agitate; they want to return to classes. The beauty of a teacher is going to class with books in hand. We are not harmed if we don't move. But the next generation will tell us. We are fighting to get rid of this menace. 

The general secretary of the JnU Teachers Association, Dr. Sheikh Masrick Hassan, said, "We are university teachers. Our job is to create and disseminate knowledge. Students want to stay with our lives, books, pens, and research. We have classrooms and laboratories. We want to get back to the students. I want to withdraw the discriminatory pension notification to protect the quality of teachers and to save Bangladesh's higher education from destruction. 

The president (acting) of the teachers' association, Dr. Md. Momin Uddin, said he would request the prime minister accept the demands of the teachers and allow them to return to classes. This is our legitimate demand. Teachers don't want anything new; they are satisfied with a scheme. We don't need to do better. We don't need so much; we need so much. Be content with what we have. It is sad for us that the benefits of university teachers is cut off when Bangabandhu's daughter is the prime minister.

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