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Published:  09:09 AM, 08 July 2024

New Dimensions and Challenges

New Dimensions and Challenges

In today's society, being environmentally responsible is more important than ever. Numerous companies are attempting to include it into their products, but more recently, they are also attempting to incorporate It into the corporate management system. Green Human Resource Managements (GHRM) is that initiative. The main definition of "green HRM" is the contribution of HRM practices and policies to the overall company environmental goal. It means utilizing each employee to support sustainable practices and raise employee commitment and awareness to the sustainability challenges. Short timeframes are met by carrying out GHRM activities such as using video recruitment or using online and video interviewing.

It involves implementation of eco-friendly HR practices that boost productivity, reduce spending, and enhance employee engagement and retention. Recycling, telecommuting, web - based learning, energy-efficient offices, vehicle and job sharing, teleconferencing, and virtual interviewing are some of these projects. In consequence, they benefit businesses in lowering the carbon footprints of their workforce.

The majority of Bangladeshi banks have already either completely or partially embraced the green notion, despite the fact that Bangladesh is still new to this green concept. The Bangladesh Bank, which regulates all banks, has put in place green workplace policies and encouraged both public and private banks to go green in their activities. Almost all businesses attempted to develop green policies during COVID-19, whether voluntarily or as a result of the circumstances which means it is a feasible plan for us. Implementing GHRM is going to benefit both the organization and employees as well and the HR should actively make strategies for this.

The Covid period has reawakened the common man, and everyone is now more conscious of their personal health as well as the overall condition of the environment. Long-term-focused organizations have attracted more attention and goodwill. Greening the hiring procedure could assist the company in achieving its bigger objectives for sustainable growth. Hiring operations comprise recruiting, selecting, and, at the end, orienting newly recruited staff. All of these processes can be carried out with the aid of technology.

By providing financial and non-financial incentives, businesses can try to attract and keep staff. These rewards can be used to motivate staff to contribute to environmental goals. The results showed a significant correlation between compensation packages, employee performance, and employee retention. Giving employees non-cash rewards, such recognition and praise and green pay, may be more effective at motivating employees than giving them cash rewards. Employee incentives and awards, as opposed to other human resource management practices like performance evaluation, may be more successful at motivating employees to attain company objectives.

The following are the foundations of virtual recruitment: Tracking: Helps determine a candidate's standing in regard to the positions for which they have applied. Online testing: The process of evaluating candidates against a range of job profiles to assign scores based on a number of factors. All of the procedures involved in finding, luring, evaluating, interviewing, and employing new personnel using online resources are referred to as virtual recruitment. Increased productivity and procedure efficiency are the goals of recruitment. The number of candidates accessible can be increased and the selection process can be streamlined through online recruitment. Virtual Mode of Hiring (VMH) is the term used to describe the hiring process conducted through online applications, websites, and social media platforms. Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, WebEx Meetings, and Google Hangouts Meet are just a few of the many online collaboration platforms that are accessible. Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Website of the employer: Offers details about open employment and information collection. Job portals: These include Times Jobs, Career Age, Indeed, Google, and BD jobs networks can be developed and job prospects can be found through social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Virtual hiring is considered to be advantageous for both employers and candidates. Green HR practices can give organizations a competitive edge, which is crucial for their long-term survival in the market. Furthermore, past studies have not yet been able to determine how Green HR practices affect Cost-effectiveness (CE), Geographical reach, and the Advantage of environmental and health advantages via the Technology Acceptance Model. To fill this knowledge vacuum, we explore how GHRP affects these three chosen outcome factors. A mitigating factor is the virtual form of hiring.

Saiful Alam Lenin is Marketing
Manager of The Asian Age.

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