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The best jeans for men-II

The best jeans for men-II

Types of jeans: In addition to cut, one must consider the type of denim suited to you. From waxed styles to heavier selvedge and eye-catching acid wash, there are many different ways denim can be treated and a discerning gent will have more than one type in his repertoire.

 From high-fashion looks to denim that can take you from work to the bar, fabric and rinse are real considerations depending on your lifestyle and existing wardrobe.

Selvedge: Adopted by the fashion elite as an authentic and high caliber alternative to classic stonewashed denim, selvedge or raw denim, is heavier, firmer and darker in hue than regular denim.

Featuring a unique edge at the hem that prevents the fabric from unraveling during production, modern selvedge denim is still produced the way it was in the early 1800's: woven on a traditional shuttle loom.

 For this reason, it is considered a higher quality denim to mainstream stonewash, as the product of an exclusive and storied manufacture process. With an appealing crisp aesthetic when new, once worn-in selvedge denim takes on a protagonist quality all of its own.

Stonewashed: A wardrobe staple for every modern gent, stonewashed denim is what immediately comes to mind when you think jeans.

Stone washing produces a faded, worn appearance. This is accomplished by washing the jeans with pumice in a rotating drum or by using chemicals to create the look without the utilization of a rotating drum. The beauty of the stonewashed look, and no doubt the reason for its ubiquity is its simplistic style.

Acid wash: Acid wash jeans have a mottled appearance which is achieved by chemically bleaching the denim with chlorine or 'acid' soaked pumice, bleaching parts of the fabric to white. With a 90's punk aesthetic, acid wash denim is a bold choice, especially in darker hues making a fresh appearance for summer months.

Waxed: Waxed jeans are denim coated with paint, beeswax, or a wax glaze to create a shiny finish. This process provides a subtle black sheen to the fabric which offers a sleek, debonair vibe creating a luxe leather feel without the weight or discomfort of leather trousers.

Denim styling tips: We think we speak for most men when we say that denim (especially jeans) are going to be the most versatile piece of clothing that we will ever own in our entire lives. They can practically be used anywhere - at home, during work, walking the dog - the possibilities are endless.

That being said,  it is important to remember that there is a time and place for everything, including fashion. For example, while wearing overly baggy jeans can be appropriate for a backyard BBQ, it's practically forbidden for dates or a night out with friends.

A similar notion even applies to double denim - although wearing the combination with the same color scheme and fabric might be okay for a seven-year-old, it's undeniably a big no-no when you're older.

Occasion is the key: One of the best characteristics of jeans is the fact that there are so many styles to choose from. However, it's all in the occasion. You need to pick jeans that will suit the kind of physical endurance you are going to pursue throughout the day.

A formal event should reveal a more refined side of you, and your jeans should help complement that. Black and dark denim is highly recommended.

Pair this with some nice dress shoes and you've got yourself a winning combination. But on the other hand, if the occasion is something casual like grocery shopping or walking in the park, then it's the other way around with comfortable straight jeans being the preferred.

Make sure it has deep pockets for essentials such as wallets, phones and keys, and always test out how well you can move in them. It's nice to accompany it with a different colored belt because not only will it show how versatile the jeans are with color combinations, but it ensures that they won't accidentally drop down in public which is always a plus!

Double denim: The monochrome look is slowly fading, and the easiest way to pull off the double denim look is by having two different color schemes that contrast each other.

A common combination is a black jacket and blue washed out jeans or vice versa. Contrasting denim is now even easier to do since pastel colored jeans are becoming an increasingly popular trend in the market. In order to execute this properly, it is vital that whatever you wear underneath gives out a pop of color.

 White is always a safe choice, but a grey, emerald, or cerulean shirt or t-shirt would be a much better option. Other colors to consider could be yellow, orange, purple and limeade just to name a few. This can even be applied to the color of your shoes and other accessories (eg: gloves, scarves etc.) for further color scheme balance.

Best men's jeans brands: Sometimes, it is where you shop that makes the world of difference. Invest in good denim, because it will last and you will get much wear out of it. These brands are failsafe options for your next denim purchase.

lLevi's lRag and Bones lA.P.C. lNudi Jeans lSaint Laurent lG-Star lPeep Jeans lValetino lBelstaff lVersace     (concluded)

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