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Published:  12:00 AM, 28 November 2016

What you like to wear

What you like to wear
A new dimension in the fashion world is 3-d shoe. In the fashion world shoe is a mandatory thing. Not but the least shoes are compulsory wear for every person. People are not fully satisfied without new shoes on the auspicious festival like Eid or Puja. Women are always fond of new shoes with new dresses on various occasions.  Women are very much interested to wear new shoes at latest trend and fashion. To complete this kind of demand, Footwear Company always tries to invent new types of design and fashionable shoes for everyone. Meanwhile how about 3-d shoes for latest upcoming fashion.

It's sound some mind-boggling, but it's true. In fact, two Swedish fashion designers have invented this kind of shoe. It will take 40 hours to make such kind of 3-d (third dimensional) high heel shoe. However, this pair of shoe will cost several thousands of dollars. Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf, students of fashion design from Stockholm have created this kind of shoe. And they named it 'Melonia'.  This high heel shoe constructed of polyamide. Naim Josefi said, "I had no idea about 3-d printing but I wanted to create a unique organic design for shoes. After that, I've heard about this 3-d printing system. 3-d is a high quality technology.

 It is possible to invent new designs by this technology." "Yes they are for sale, but it will take time to sell this type of Melonia shoe for stores. They are relatively comfortable, but they are not made for a stroll in town for a whole day. Although they will be able to be an extremely comfortable shoe because of the made to measure scanning process. I made them in 3-d process because of the opportunity that 3-d printing enables; you would not be able to make this type of design in any other kinds of techniques. The secondary reason was my futuristic concept for the Melonia catwalk, a scent of the future in which futuristic techniques were the only right way to go hence the 3-d technique", he added. By born Naim is an Iranian. For an experimental this 3-d design was created in the computer.

After that, an expert from Stockholm, Mikael Ericsson optimizes this new design. Special software has turned the digital shoe model into a signal. And lastly, 3-d printer made this dimensional model. However, to complete this kind of process is likely to print a paper. Liquid plastic has been used instead of ink. Later this plastic dried by ultraviolet ray and become hard. Step by step this printing has to be work. Every stage of it is thinner than the paper.

Needless to mention, it is 16 microns which are 16 thousand divided by 1 millimeter. It is very much clear from this process why this kind of shoes take much time for making. Many fashion designers are still experimenting on this kind of 3-d printing shoe. But the fact is, 'Melonia' has already displayed to several additive fashion shows. Victoria and Albert Museum of London have shown interest to this type of 3-d shoe. Though it is very much expensive, but fashion designer Naim ensures to reduce the price in near future. If this technology is going to spread world wide than computer and printer will use for making shoes rather than hammer by a cobbler.

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