Published:  12:00 AM, 12 December 2016

Easy tips for dark-healthy hair

Easy tips for dark-healthy hair

Every woman like lively Silky hair, by birth some buddy has such hair. And some have rough, dry and lifeless like hair. Often for some treatment and use of ordinary products: our hair loses their sap and becomes weak. Such rough, dry and lifeless hair can be dazzling and buoyant by making sure of using home-made shampoo. We can easily make suchlike shampoos through some homely available ingredients.

1.    Cucumber and lemon shampoo: Peel the cucumber first. Then chop the cucumber and a lemon. And blend them well through the blender. Now bottled them and shake the bottle well. Your cucumber-lemon shampoo is ready for use, before go for that wet well your hair. Massage it softly upon your head for several minutes. Then wash your hair mildly with heated water.  Use thus twice a week. Along with so many nutrients cucumber has antioxidant too; those will increase your hair strength from inner. Even it helps to keep your hair PH balanced well. And lemon helps to clean oil-junkies from your scalp.

2.    Coconut-milk shampoo: One cup coconut milk, 6 table spoon almond oil, 1 cup coconut oil soap and 20 drops of essential oil, and add into a bottle, and shake the bottle for some minutes well enough. Here the coconut-milk shampoo is ready for your use. Use it to clean your scalp. And remember you can store it in the freezer up to 1 month.

3.    Coconut oil and essential oil: Half table spoon of trusted baby shampoo, 1/8 cup of distilled water, ¼ cup of rose water, 2 table spoon of coconut oil and 5 drops of lemon juice and essential oil. Now mix them all together. And your coconut and essential oil shampoo is ready for use. This chemical free shampoo will clear your hair-root and makes your hair silky, healthy and glittering.

Before going to use these creations you must know some tips, which will help you to find the real feedback for your healthy scalp and hair. Often we do some silly mistakes while using shampoo. These reasons cause the hair damage and eventually we lose our hairs. Here I'm going to discuss some of those common mistakes and some tips, which will show us a straight path to get rid of unwanted hair fall.

1.     Using the same shampoo over and over again: "We don't need to use shampoo daily", hair stylist Mario Russo said, it's really better to use shampoo after every 2 days. And it's never would be wise to use the same shampoo for a longtime. "After every couple of months we should bring some change in our shampoo," said cosmetic chemist Mort Westman.

2.    Using shampoo on dry hair: Never use shampoo on your dry scalp and hair. Wet your hair well enough before going for shampoo, and wet them for minimum 2-3 minutes. It's a very common silly mistake some of us do often.

3.    Not choosing shampoo according to hair type: We should choose the correct shampoo according to our hair type. First define your hair type , whether that is dry or oily? And then select unerringly your deserving shampoo. And here one thing is important to remember, always use shampoo and conditioner separately. Please never go for their combine use. It will bring much damage on your hair-root.

4.    Using shampoo on a same position of the scalp: Shampoo is much needed to our hair root rather than hair top. So we need to use shampoo at the root of our hair. But need to avoid the same place of the scalp for applying the shampoo. Sometimes start it from the scalp and sometimes use it from near of the neck.

5.    Excessive hair rubbing: Avoid excessive hair rubbing while using shampoo. Somehow it may clear your scalp and hair root, but on the other hand, it will make your hair root weaker, brings damages on them and speed up hair falling tendencies, which you never deserve. So use your finger tips softly on your scalp to confirm perfect shampoo care.

6.    Using hot water: Often we use hot water to clean our scalp and hair. But it's totally a wrong process. Hot water makes the hair root increasingly weaker, and be the cause of your unwanted hair loss.

To avoid unwanted hair fall I think we may remember above mentioned tips, obviously before use our shampoo. When naturally you are losing hair then such tips won't works remarkably. Often some essential medicines also bring some harm on our hair nutrient, especially on the plasma of hair. But these tips may give you the ability to buy some moments on that crucial position of hair fall.

Every woman deserves long, thick and dark hair. Many claimed that their hair growth is very poor and not getting long at all. Urban life's pollutions, dusty environments and an unhealthy lifestyle are mostly bringing harm to our hair-nutrients. Hair cannot grow longer just within a night. We need healthy food habit and healthy lifestyle as well as the need to do definite care to our hair.

The author is a beauty expert and working with a multinational company

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