Published:  12:00 AM, 19 December 2016

It's your day!

It's your day!
Marriage is the most important event for every girl. That is why they do not leave any chances to make it unmemorable. They pay their attention on every tiny matter whatever it is a dress or just a hair pin. This post is for this 'would be bride's who are looking bridal makeover tips to make their wedding unforgettable to all by her glamorous look.  You will get here bridal makeup over tips including every little thing that you need on your wedding day.

Wedding dress: The wedding dress that is the most important thing what you going to wear on this day. Your entire look will depend on your dress. The best bridal make tips for a bride is to choose a dress what is dreamy, classy and stylish. For the wedding, you can prefer to have a soft color. Sometimes it is seen that many brides tend to choose a wrong color for their bridal suit. This is nothing just your foolish attempt to go for so many bridals make up tips. You know well, which color goes on well with you. Do not go for other suggestion much if it did not match with your dress sense, because you will find so many people around you who try to impose their choice upon you. So be a little smart, after all, it's your wedding, you cannot mar its beauty because of an only wrong decision. Get sticky with the perfect bridal make tips or take suggestion with him or her with whom you have deep trust.

Face makeup: Once you are done with your wedding dress, the next-step bridal makeup tips goes to your face makeup. Make your skin clean and well moisturized before taking the makeup. To make your skin nourished you can start taking beauty treatment before a week from your wedding day, as beauty does not glow in a single day. After applying moisturizer properly on your skin, select a foundation that suits well with your skin color, because choosing a wrong one will make you dramatic by leaving a layer of foundation. This is the worst mistake you ever made if you compromise with your foundation. While choosing makeup kits try to choose something waterproof or long lasting, because your wedding and reception will take a long time.  After applying foundation just give a touch of translucent setting powder on your skin to get a matte look.

Eye makeup: Now start setting your eye as a perfect bridal makeup tip. Use a little bit of powder around your eye circle so that it cannot mess up your eye makeup. Create a base using a cream. Use eye shadow on your eye lid and also the lower part of the eyelash to get a perfect bridal makeup. Though some tend to avoid lower part of the eyelash but this is not the right bridal makeup tips to go.  After using shadow, draw a perfect and clean line using waterproof eyeliner. Then use mascara to make your eyelashes thicker and a little bit longer. To make your eyelashes deeper just apply a little bit powder on the lashes, and then again move your mascara brush. Repeat it three or four times, see how hypnotic your eyes is. I am sure your husband going to be crazy with your eyes.  Blush! Blush! Blush: Just blush! Blush and blush, after all, it's your wedding day. You have all the right to blush. Just be a little tricky while choosing blush on color. Go with the color that matches up with your skin tone and pink. Never go on reddish or too much pinkish whatever bridal makeup tips suggest you. Just be yourself on your wedding day.

Lipstick: Choose a suitable lipstick color matching with your wedding gown. This is one of the most common bridal makeup tips that you need to consider because without a lipstick your entire makeup will be marred. Remember using lip balm before applying lipstick, then draw a line around your lip, after that colored your lip with your favorite brand lipstick. Look into the  mirror and see how attractive you are looking at!

The author is an Editorial Assistant, The Asian Age

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