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Girls fashion tips

Girls fashion tips

Girls, you do not have to blindly follow the latest trends to stay ahead in fashion; you can just follow these top 10 fashion tips for girls to actually stay ahead. You can have your own fabulous style with a few fashion tips in mind that will help you create a success story of your own. These tips are basically new rules that you should follow and imbibe into your personal style to always look hip and cool. Read onwards for the top 10 fashion tips for girls who do not want to be looked down upon in the fashion obsessed society.

Be wary of hems:
A big fashion no-no is to brandish jeans or trousers with a long hem that drags on the ground. It leads to stained and worn-out hems. Thus, good pants are ruined and wearing them only degrades the effect of your stylish apparel.  Use bright colors for emphasis: Your favorite belt, skirt or scarf drenched or streaked in a pretty bright color can accentuate your most flattering part, be it your slim waist, supple legs or swan-like neck. Wear the bright colors wisely so your best features are emphasized to add to your stylish appeal. You can select the colors that are in-season to confirm you are keeping with the latest trends.

Keep yourself well groomed:
Dressing well is good for your style quotient; however, your efforts will be in vain if you don't pay attention to proper grooming habits. We are not referring to the best manicure or spending extravagantly on a modern hairstyle; you simply have to appear neat and clean. Your nails should be trimmed, your hair nicely combed and a clean bright face. Pimples are not the problems and can be ignored.  Always be comfortable: Comfort influences your carriage and manner of interaction. In a comfortable garment, your demeanor is relatively lighter and self-assured than when you are forced to deal with tight or ill-fitting clothes. Attire that makes you self-conscious is a cause for distress.

Simple is often best: One of the most important fashion tips for girls is not to overdo the look and stick to minimal yet fashionable attire. Layers do not make you stylish; neither does an extreme infusion of jewelry and makeup. Many women have increased the allure of their outfit by working on their personalities. Their smile or confidence made simple attire more attractive.  Imitation fails: Girls are encouraged to replicate the styles of popular personalities or follow the latest fads. Not a good idea if you are following someone with a dissimilar body shape or outer features. Stick to style tips that are flattering to your own appearance instead of blind imitation. What may look stylish and fashionable on your friend may not do the same wonders for you.

Flaws define you:
Instead of cribbing about your imperfections, own them as part of your individual beauty. Many girls have this false belief that the key to beauty is perfection. Many celebrities openly display their beauty faults as part of their self. Famous Top Chef's host Padma Lakshmi does not shy away from wearing outfits that allow a view of the seven-inch scar on her arm. Mainly cause the scar hasn't affected her modeling career.  Personality is best publicized in a style image that includes your flaws.  However, you should select clothes that highlight your positive features and minimize your unattractive facets.

Strive for your own perfection: You spend all your time trying to look perfect, when it is not really needed. Many people look more stylish when they are not decked to perfection but allow a little quirkiness to shine through. For instance, Kate Moss has looked amazing in her messy, careless appearance with a relaxed approach to fashion.

 Invest in key wardrobe staples: The Key wardrobe items like trendy high heels, a white shirt, trench coat, American diamonds and chic bags are staples for the closet of a Stylish Hipster.  They can be mixed and matched for any occasion and made to last all the four seasons. But choose carefully from the many to fit your sense of taste and nature. Also, choose something you can wear for many years. Make them compatible with your accessories and mix them with each other to create a variety of newer styles.

The most important of all the fashion tips for girls is to sensationalize the outfit with favorite accessories like necklaces, hats, glasses, jewelry, scarves, socks and other head gears. Tasteful accessorizing can do wonders for a plain outfit; highlight your best features, update your outfit and enhance your type of style for the occasion from chic to elegant.  In fact, you can change your outfit from casual to formal by just swapping accessories.  - inferisx

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