Published:  12:00 AM, 21 December 2016

10 superfoods that boost your health

10 superfoods that boost your health
By eating some superfoods you can boost your health.  With this trick you do not need to follow any more boring diet tips or glued your eyes to any health related TV shows to know what will be good for your health. Here you go with 10 superfoods- unbelievable but really effective 10 superfoods that will boost your health.

Tomato: Is one of the most powerful vegetables which is loaded with Vitamins C, A & K, potassium & a lot of fiber! Moreover, the red vegetable is very low in calorie what will not leave any impact in your diet chart in the case of its consuming lot. Even you can grab this item in your diet list to lose weight fast as it is low in fat, and fiber oriented vegetable. The secret of this colorful vegetable is it has only 32 calories in a 100g what allows you to eat it more and more.  Consuming tomato every day also prevents your body to fight with many diseases like cancer, high cholesterol etc.

Nuts: If you cherish a wish to live longer and want to live a healthy life you can try this superfood that will boost your health. It has a high concentration of Alpha-linoleic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phytochemicals what improves your health. By eating this superfood regularly you reduce the chance of cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Diabetic's patients also try this super food to control their insulin into their body.

Avocado: Avocado is a treasure of many healthy vitamins and useful fat what act as a miracle into your body. It has oleic acid, a  natural mono-saturated fat that can contribute to low-density lipoprotein levels, what protect your body from a degenerative eye and brain diseases, heart diseases and even cancer, folate what helps the pregnant woman to stay fit and well, lutein which improves eyesight.

Black and green tea: For a great, healthy alternative to warm you during cold weather you can try a cup of black or green tea.  Both the tea contains high antioxidants even more than a lot of fruits or vegetables which makes them ideal super food.

Spinach: This super food contains high protein content more than in any other vegetable available. You can try this superfood to boost your health with required amount of protein that your body need.

Blueberry: Though the fruits look small and round but inwards it, it contains the treasure of health benefits that you can ever think of. It helps your cells within your body to link up more effectively and also encourage stopping mutations from occurring at the cellular level.  Consuming this super food every day not only boost your health but also save your body from a disease like cancer.

Ginger: Ginger is another superfood that you should try in your everyday meal to boost your health. You can consume this superfood as a spice. This powerful root works as an effective remedy for many diseases like vomiting, reduces nausea and reduce inflammation and associated pains.

Turmeric: You can try this high powered superfood not only to color your meal but also for many diseases as the health benefit of this food is too many. This superfood contains curcuminoid polyphenol antioxidants what are responsible for its bright yellow coloring and healthy properties and curcumin is also helpful in balancing out blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistances. This is exceptionally great for patients who have diabetes.

Dark chocolate: The cocoa beans what is used for dark chocolates are full of flavonols a very strong antioxidant that helps in keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level and your heart in a good condition. You can keep this superfood to boost your health.

Bean: You must not be aware of the fact that the brain's main source of energy is glucose from carbohydrates. But your mind cannot meet up this demand like other muscles can in your body. So it requires a steady supply of glucose from your diet what the beans can. Eat at least half cup of a bean per day to ensure energy for your brain.

The author is an editorial assistant for The Asian Age

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