Published:  12:00 AM, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas: Didactic epistles of an auspicious day

Merry Christmas: Didactic epistles of an auspicious day

Tunes of delight and blitheness have already begun to jingle in the air as another Christmas approaches the world. Christmas is the greatest festival for billions of people across the globe with the fervor of a universal appeal reminding us of the lessons of peace and brotherhood Jesus Christ brought with him from heaven thousands of years back.

 The noble epistles of Christmas urge all of us to stick with the principles of social justice, humanity, welfare and love. Jesus Christ tied all people around him in a cord of unconditional love and thus made himself an eternal apostle for mankind. Lots of events in the life of Jesus Christ bear vital reflections of his humanitarian and altruistic roles for the betterment of people of his time as well as the human beings living in today's world.

25th December is celebrated all over the world as the Birth Anniversary of Jesus Christ who was born on this day long ago to commemorate the munificence of this divine emissary whose only goal in life was to lead people to the way of light and to save them from the darkness evil forces cast upon us.

Peace and nonviolence are two most significant dimensions of Jesus Christ's character who even appealed to God for pardoning those who assassinated him by crucifixion. His last words were, "Forgive them God. They don't know what they are doing". In this way Jesus Christ established the norm that vengeance should be all the time avoided by mankind. It reminds us of Mahatma Gandhi's famous words, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

 Today we can see bloodshed, turbulence, violence and injustice all over the globe because people have forgotten the message of Jesus Christ. Communal hatred and interreligious divides have generated horrendous conflicts within people of different theological beliefs.

From this point of view, Merry Christmas comes with festivities for amusement and at the same time this blissful occasion comes back to us every year to rectify ourselves by giving up all violent things and to rebuild ourselves with the didactic angles of Jesus Christ's lifespan.

Jesus Christ never showed antagonism to anyone. He even loved those who did not believe in his sermons. He never exercised his physical or divine power to persecute his dissidents. Unfortunately these precious qualities have nowadays totally disappeared. Crimes, retaliations, animosity, malice, jealousy and many more hideous attributes have engulfed the people of the entire world. Religious radicalism, theological misunderstandings, extremist ideologies and intolerant malpractices have disgraced the core values of our identity as human beings.

Attacks are being carried out on innocent men, women and children in various parts of the world. Endless wars are going on heinously in different countries with grim threats to people's lives and assets. Thousands of people are getting killed and wounded every now and then in bombings, gunshots and other forms of atrocities. Religious institutions like mosques, temples, pagodas and churches are being blown up by terrorists.

A precarious shadow of uncertainty has enclosed us. Humanism has been cornered, jeopardized and marooned. Human rights are being violated frequently in many places. Deprived and tormented people are shedding tears silently with nobody caring about them.

This is not the world Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for. Jesus Christ stood the highest form of self-dedication because he wanted to defend humanity in return for his own life. Only a prophet and heavenly envoy like Jesus Christ can give away his own life for the wellbeing of fellow humans and only a messianic, kindhearted figure like Christ can get himself crucified to seek forgiveness from God for liberating sinners from the burden of their transgressions.

The true essence of life lies in the act of sacrifice, that's the most memorable aspect to be procured from the life and works of Jesus Christ.

Christmas comes with a message of divine joy too. That's why a highly pleasant and jovial ambience prevails around the world when the Christmas season arrives. People decorate their homes with colorful lights, Christmas trees, dolls and other beautiful things to enjoy and propagate the charm of Christmas.

 A wonderful spell of merriment boosts the spirit of everyone during Christmas and makes people forget the pains and sufferings they had undergone before. Another important thing about Christmas is that the New Year countdown also begins from 25th December.

 Right after celebrating Christmas, people look forward to the New Year with hope and confidence which are implanted in their minds through the blessings of Jesus Christ's Birth Anniversary.

 In this way Christmas plays the role of a harbinger for New Year too and thus the happiness of the festive season increases deeply. Moreover, waiting for the dawn of Christmas begins from the evening of 24th December every year which is known as Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus is another prime attraction of Merry Christmas. Santa Claus is loved most by children and vice versa. He comes with lovely gifts, chocolates, sweetmeat and other things kids like most.

The costumes of Santa Claus make him look more eye-catching with an affectionate and fun-loving grandfatherly appearance wearing red dresses and white beard. Santa Claus is adorably called by some more names like Papa Noel, Saint Nicholas, Grandfather Frost, Christmas Brownie and so on.

According to popular beliefs cherished by most of the children around the world, Santa Claus visits kids while they are asleep and leave attractive gifts and candies at their households. Thus Christmas is a fabulous occasion for kids as well as people of all ages.

It would not be appropriate to say that Christmas is a festival only for Christians because millions of people of different countries from other religions also love to observe this auspicious day spontaneously with widespread jubilations and enthusiasm. At the end of the write-up, let's hope for a world reinvigorated with the benign and compassionate message of Christmas Day. Let there be light, happiness and unity everywhere.

The writer is a columnist for The Asian Age

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