Published:  12:00 AM, 31 December 2016

5 apps to get rid of smartphone clutter

5 apps to get rid of smartphone clutter

Modern Smart-phones are equipped with substantial memory capacity, which makes these devices vulnerable to clutter: duplicated pictures, temporary worthless files, and idle applications. Clutter makes your phone run slow, resulting in individual frustration and waste of valuable work time.

The following apps are designed to help you get rid of that sticky unwanted clutter from your smart-phone and make you more productive. Memory & Disk Scanner Pro: This app is useful to monitor how your Smart-phone's system resources are being used. This app displays current memory and disk usages on a dashboard display.

The 'One-Click' function in this app identifies the amount of space being consumed by junk files. You can also use this function to get additional system spaces and detailed information on active applications. After indentifying the junk files, you can discard them easily. Currently, you can download a free version of it, but you would need to pay for the upgraded version.

Clean Master:

If you don't want to pay for the upgraded version of 'Memory & Disk Scanner Pro' then you could get 'Clean Master'-a free android app to detect and remove your junk files. Clean Master gives you constant updates on amount of free storage.

Mobile Assistant:

If your smartphone browser is filled up with caches then you need can use this app-Mobile Assistance. The app will clean up any caches from your browser, like: temporary files, downloads, videos, ring tones, and wallpaper. The app is also equipped with a sound recorder, battery monitor, camera app, QR code reader, and flashlight.

Cache Cleaner Pro:

Cache Cleaner Pro app is a windows app to clean up the cache with a single tap. The app keeps track of your cache cleaning operations and amount of space reclaimed by it.

Storage Cleaner:

This is another free Windows Phone app to clean up temporary files from your storage with a single tap. All you have to do is delete the temporary files, after the app analyzes the phone's content.

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