Published:  12:00 AM, 10 January 2017

Diner Sheshe

Diner Sheshe
''We all want to do something remarkable in our life and that's what drives us through. 16 years ago I came to this city from my village to do something prominent too. At that time I had worked in a garment factory and my monthly salary was 850 Taka. It was quite difficult for me to afford my living expenses with that amount of money so maximum time I used to do overtime. One day I got to know that if I had known machinery work then they would pay me even more. Then within 2 weeks I grasped the machinery work and after that my salary had increased to 1200 Taka. Apparently, I had more options to switch into different garments at times. Once, I took one extra day off from my last job, and I had to tolerate intolerable swearing words. I left the job after that incident. At that point of time, I had decided to do business rather than working for someone else. Then I bought a weight machine with 1600 Taka. I started measuring people's weight in different footpaths, over bridges etc. I used to income around 400-500 Taka per day. Currently, it's quite difficult to compete in the market with just a weight machine. That's why, I started selling miscellaneous items. And as a result my income is now around 12000-14000 Taka a month.''
Humans of Dhaka City, Fb

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