Published:  12:00 AM, 11 January 2017

B’baria flyover: A time-befitting project

B’baria flyover: A time-befitting project Construction work of Brahmanbaria Railway Overpass going on in full swing. -Sheikh Md Shahidul Islam
Sheikh Md Shahidul Islam, Brahmanbaria

The construction work of Mourail Railway Overpass known as Brahmanbaria flyover is going on in full swing to reduce the load of vehicles on the main road of the town. According to Roads and Highways Department (RHD), on October 8 in 2015 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone of the flyover that is going to link Mourail with Farooki Market points of the Tufayel Azam Road over the railway level crossing. Accordingly, the project work at the cost of Tk. 7954.87 lakhs began on 30 November last year. About 60 percent work of the flyover has already been completed. The authorities are hopeful to open the flyover by August this year.  The engineering section of RHD says, the length of the overpass and ramp will be 756.169 meters and its service-roads along both sides of the pier's foot will be 1250 meters each having one-meter diameter pipe-drains of the same length.

The flyover will be set on 18 piers and two abutments. Every pier-column will cover 2.2 meters areas on the middle of the road and will divide it into two lanes including 6.2 to 8.9 meter service road and footpath. The intellectual of Brahmanbaria express that constructing a flyover at Brahmanbaria is a time demanding step of the government and it will be a blessing to lakhs of pedestrians and vehicles in the district town. Local people are very thankful to R.A.M. Ubaidul Muktadir Chowdhury, the far-sighted MP of Brahmanbaria-3 and also the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs of the Parliament for this project. If he did not take proper initiatives, Brahmanbaria would not have got such a flyover to solve traffic jams.  Brahmanbaria is a one-way town from the very beginning. Tufayel Azam road is the main road of the town. Centering this road the main activities of the town have been developed. Every day at least two lakhs of people crowd in the town for their daily activities. Besides, 13,000 CNG run auto-rickshaws loaded with passengers from different parts rushed there. Each of the hundreds of local buses loaded with passengers reaches the town at every 15 minutes. Over 28 trains are dispatching thousands of passengers in the town every day. Launches are also carrying passengers towards this town after every 30 minutes. About 20,000 rickshaw and battery run rickshaws are also entering the town through the Tufayel Azam Road. On the other hand, fruit sells, hawkers and make-shift shops have captured the footpath. As a result, the scenery of mammoth gathering in the town is beyond description and it is the regular feature here. Due to this traffic jam, no heavy vehicle dares to enter the town by the day. The town dwellers have been experiencing the suffering at every moment from the very beginning.

On condition of anonymity, one high official said that within five years people will have to face more than three time gathering of pedestrians and vehicles in the town. It will turn into a busy city. Two new roads will be constructed to ensure easy communication between Nabinagar and Brahmanbaria. On the other hand, Sheikh Hasina Road is going to directly link the backward eastern part of the district with this town. The town bypass will turn into four-lane highway which has also two service roads at the both sides for low speeding vehicles. The number of trains will increase. Then there will be no alternative way without this flyover to solve the serious and untold traffic jam problem here. Some people once said that this flyover by covering the whole road will create more traffic jam. They have now comprehended their wrong thought. According to design it is learnt that the flyover is being constructed at middle of the road and there will be five to seven meters gap at both sides between the railing of the flyover and edge of the building. Project Engineer Md. Shafiqul Islam, the sub assistant engineer of RHD said that once Brahmanbaria had only a one-lane main road but it will have a four lanes road after the flyover has been constructed as the flyover will have two lanes and the service road on ground will be developed into two lanes.

RHD has acquired some lands at several spots from Zila Porishad and others to make the service-road widened, project engineer added. Abu Ehtesum Rashed, the executive engineer of RHD in Brahmanbaria, said, they will try to finish their project in scheduled time. In order to make smooth and easy communication they will construct not only this double lane flyover but also a four-lane flyover. The proposed one will be constructed on Poirtala bypass rail crossing. While contacted, the far-seeing R.A.M. Ubaidul Muktadir Chaudhury MP, the chairman of the standing committee on Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs of the parliament, has said that the government of Prime Minister Sheik Hasina believes in sustainable development of the country. People will soon see new and developed view of Brahman-baria.

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