Published:  12:00 AM, 12 January 2017

Baba Adam Mosque: Symbol of medieval heritage

Baba Adam Mosque: Symbol of medieval heritage Baba Adam Mosque in Munshiganj -AA
Mohammd Salim, Munshiganj

Baba Adam- a renowned Muslim preacher established a mosque in Munshiganj and it is popularly known as Baba Adam's mosque. The mosque is situated at Shipahi Para area under Sadar upazila of Munshiganj district. It is famous for its unique symbol of Islamic architecture and heritage. This mosque is regarded as one of the oldest mosques of the Bengal. It is built in terracotta design and has been declared by the government  as an archeological site. The unique design of the mosque reflects the glorious Islamic heritage for its extraordinary architectural features.

Baba Adam (R) is still remembered  by the local people for his utmost devotion for the cause of Islam and his service to humanity. The preaching of Islam in ancient Bikrampur was mostly done by Hazarat Baba Adam Shahid (R). Bikrampur was the capital of Bengal and the whole of India was ruled from this area. Baba Adam converted many idolaters into the religion of Islam. The people of Bikrampur consider him as a saint, a preacher and a social reformer.  The powerful kings and monarchs of Dev, Paul, Gupta and Sen dynasties established their capital  in Bikrampur. The old Bikrampur was the habitat of the Buddists and the Hindus as well. Baba Adam the follower of Bara pir Abdul Qadir Zilani(R) came to Bengal with a view to establishing Islam in Bengal. Hazarat Baba Adam arrived here with his followers  in the year 1142. At that time India was ruled by Ballal Sen son of Bijoy Sen. Baba Adam made his Khanka (camp) at Dargabari in the year 1173.

Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, the first Muslim ruler in Bengal, gave the shrine a concrete shape in 1338. Later, Malik Kafur Shah, the son of Sultan Jalaluddin Abu Zafar Shah, built a beautiful mosque beside the shrine in 1483.

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